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Cindy Maddera

I left Michael here last week. It just seemed like the most humane thing to do. He didn't really know Dad and we were supposed to have the Cabbage that weekend. It was too much. It was just easier to go on my own and only have to worry about myself. But schedules got shifted and weekends changed and Michael ended up spending the weekend on his own. We'll have the Cabbage this weekend. This worked out well for a couple of reasons. The last night of the last full week of Cabbage summer, I was doing my part of the nightly ritual. After a book and goodnight hugs, kisses, and animal kisses with Dad, I talk her through a final relaxation. I trick her to sleep with yoga. At the end I said that I needed to go to bed too so I could get up early. The Cabbage asked "Do you have to go to work tomorrow? When are you going to stay home so we can play?". Stab and twist kid. I felt a little guilty knowing that the next time we had her, I'd be out of town.

Michael's summer vacation if over and he's back to work this week. Really he's been part time back to work for two weeks now, but this week is full time with no kids. Next week is full time and with all of the kids, officially ending summer. Michael needed that weekend before to himself. He needed to be able to gather his thoughts and things and tools he's going to need to teach and teach well. So Michael got a weekend to himself and the next time we have the Cabbage for a weekend, I will be able to stay home and play. Michael did spend some of his weekend alone time cleaning out and organizing the food closet. Saturday evening he sent me a picture of the food closet after he'd done all the cleaning and I swooned. No, like really. It made me weak in the knees. Maybe a before picture would have explained things better. I mean, it's not like you couldn't open the door without fear of things falling out on you. It wasn't that bad. I should say that we should never buy tea again or we don't really need to buy tea again.

You see, some girls like their significant other to bring them diamonds or flowers. Some girls are into being romantically serenaded or have pages of poetry written in their honor. There are women who think there's nothing more attractive than seeing their partner holding a child, preferably their child. There are many ways to woo a woman. Apparently, well organized closets are my thing. You should see how I react inside a Container Store (pure joy). When he sent me that picture, I immediately replied "I love you". I may have said a few not safe for work things after that, but all you really need to know is the "I love you" part. Because that sums it up really. I believe I had a similar reaction when he cleaned the garage.  Michael has learned or is learning the way to my heart.