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Cindy Maddera

Yesterday, I walked into the lab and was instantly encased in dark funky cloud of negativity. I was having a really hard time and I wasn't very forgiving towards anyone who would dare cross me yesterday. It wasn't pretty. As I was waiting for my students in my Monday night yoga class to finish their savasana, I started working on the Happy List for the last week. Something really odd happened while I sat there trying to remember things to put on the list. My mood began to lift. The day started to not seem so bad and suddenly, I wasn't as tired.

    Not having to worry about making dinner Seeing how yoga brings out Chris's inner slapstick comedian The little kids that came to my yoga class Buying a gift for a two-year-old online, having it wrapped and shipped directly to the kid. My students' in savasana My iPad ( heard me) Liam's dinosaur roar All the veggies we purchase for the week from the Farmer's Market (good haul) The pumpkin I'm going to carve That one tree at the Capitol that has turned completely turned orange No Monday lab meeting (got postponed to Tuesday) The promise of rain

    I hope this helps your mood lift as well. Happy Tuesday!