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Cindy Maddera

I said something yesterday about the devaluation of women. In West Africa, 32% of new HIV infections are transmitted from sex workers. Most of these sex workers are women who have been forced into the sex industry through human trafficking. In other areas of Africa, HIV is passed around through polygamous relationships and the accepted sexual promiscuity of men. A woman married to such a man usually doesn't have a choice but to do whatever her husband commands her to do. Her value as a partner, mother and caregiver is not something this kind of man even considers. Sadly this is the case for many women.

It all comes down to education. Sort of like teaching a man to fish. You teach a boy that girls have equal value. You continue to stress to that boy as he grows that girls have equal value. Eventually that boy grows up, has sons of his own and passes his knowledge along, thus starting the chain reaction. So, where does the Kansas City AIDS Walk come into play here? Money raised by the Kansas City AIDS Walk goes to educating young people about the transmittance of HIV/AIDS. I know it doesn't sound like this has much of a global impact, but think about it this way. Let's say one, just one, of those kids sits through an HIV/AIDS education class and is inspired to make a difference. That kid grows up to be a doctor with Doctors without Borders or a foreign aid worker. That kid grows up and makes a difference. 

OK. Maybe it's a far fetched idea or reaching for a star. I've always been the one that would rather pull a muscle straining for that star that not reach at all. I still believe in the power of education and how it only takes a lit match of knowledge to start a wildfire. Personally, I know my limitations. I know that my greatest impact is within my own community. That's why I chose to raise money for a program within my own community. I walk because I believe that the impact of one community can change the world. I walk because I believe in the power of education. I walk because ALL lives have value.

We are ten days away from the Kansas City AIDS Walk. Again, I have to thank all of you have been so generous. I can't even express my gratitude in words, it's so great. Those of you who would still like to donate, there's still time. Just go my AIDS Walk Fundraising page

Every little amount is so much appreciated!


Cindy Maddera

I had written this whole paragraph of blah and then I deleted it all. It was about how the week dragged on and blerg and blah and more blah and I just felt myself slipping into old cranky habits. So I deleted it. All things should be this easy. Bad day? Delete it. Shoes rubbed a blister and you put a whole in your favorite pair of pants? Delete it. I am thankful that each day I get is a chance to delete the previous crappy day. I am thankful for the usual stuff today. It's Friday. I have a great husband, an awesome dog (I just taught him the down command and falls down like he's been shot-Love it!), and a great supportive family. I am thankful for the donations I've already received for the AIDS walk (you can still give). You guys are awesome! This weekend we plan on surrounding ourselves with great supportive friends. All is good. I did not watch TV with my cereal this morning and even NPR got moved over to the local oldies station and John Lennon was singing this. I don't think it could have been any more appropriate.

Have a great weekend.