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Cindy Maddera

Wednesday was an asshole. There’s no way around it. I mean, no one died or anything. So I guess that’s something, but in general the day was a complete jerk. It was filled with events that would make your eye twitch. It started out simply. I came up with a plan to start a new project, but then problems popped up when I sat down to order supplies I would need to start the project. Those problems snowballed into a full day of back and forth emails and nothing ordered. To make matters even more frustrating, one of our microscopes that had just been repaired for a specific problem started manifesting that same problem again. I drove home in traffic slowed by road work and fender benders and the strong urge to punch something.

When I was forced to stop at a stoplight, I started to kind of scream. It wasn’t exactly a scream, more like the sound you make when the doctor presses down your tongue with a depressor and asks you to say “ahhhh”. I opened my mouth and just started making this monotone “AHHHHHH” sound that turned into “AHHHRRRRHHHGGG”. Then I started giggling and making the sound over and over again. It was such a simple stupid little thing. Imagine a woman sitting alone her car opening and closing her mouth like a muppet while releasing an odd duck tone from her mouth. This is what I was doing. And it made my eye stop twitching. 

This is how it works. Sometimes, you’re strolling along with a clear plan. You are going to be productive today. You are going to accomplish things. At least you think you are going to accomplish things, but then a big pile of rocks fall into your path. Now, instead of doing the things you had planned, you are having to move rocks. Some times that rock slide is huge. The rocks are boulders and you need more than a shovel to move them out of your way. Some times all can do is move one rock and come back the next day to move another rock. These rock piles can take days, weeks, even years to move out of your way. They can seem endless, but you just keep moving the rocks because what else are you going to do? If you're lucky, you might have some heavy machinery available to help you move those rocks. 

I am thankful that my Wednesday rock pile did not require heavy machinery to move out of my way. All I needed was a monotone guttural yell.