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Cindy Maddera

As I walked passed the fountain in front of my building on my way back from yoga class, I noticed a shiny penny resting in the bottom. Kansas City is the City of Fountains. Most of them are turned off during the winter. They only leave the small fountain in front of this building running year round. I think the city turns all of the fountains back on in April when there's no longer a freeze risk. The fountain in front of my building is not a city fountain, nor does it see a lot of foot traffic. It is most definitely not on the tour guide list. Yet someone had paused to flip a coin and make a wish. I could not help but wonder what they had wished for and if it has come true. Then I could not remember the last time I had innocently flipped a coin of my own into a fountain to pay for a wish. 

Or made any kind of wish at all.

Sometimes I am too pragmatic for my own good. I have noticed that pragmatism tends to be my solid state and default setting. My pinky finger is double jointed. When I played cello, sometimes that finger would get kind of stuck or locked while playing a note. I'd have to stop and physically wiggle it back into place. My pragmatic default setting is very much like my stuck pinky finger. I get stuck there. I forget to dream or imagine shapes in clouds. I forget to make wishes on stars. I do not pause to be silly. All of this reflects itself in my work with a lack of creativity. My photos are unimagined and dull. My writing is sad and boring. I feel like taking a paintbrush full of black paint to the canvas of my life and just scribbling it around in a frantic mess. Seeing that single shiny penny resting in the bottom of that fountain reminded me just how important it is take a moment and make a wish. Today, I am thankful for shiny pennies that become wishes. 

I am thankful for new babies and signs of the new life that comes with Spring. I am thankful for my yoga students. I am thankful for my yoga practice. I am thankful for hot water with ginger and lemon. I am thankful that Josephine is back to normal and the cat is keeping the house clear of mice. I am thankful for sunshine and blue skies.

I am thankful for you.