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Cindy Maddera

The Cabbage turns seven in September and she wants to get her ears pierced. We told her if she could go the whole summer with wiping her own butt and washing her hands EVERY time, we'd get her ears pierced. Michael said "If she can't keep her butt clean, then she can't keep her ears clean." I feel like that sentence needs to be cross stitched and hung up in the bathroom. Or any where. It really does apply to most every thing in life. If you can't keep your butt clean, you can't keep your ears clean. I say it in the voice of Louisa. Well, any way, it has been ages since the last time I heard her yell through the bathroom door that she needs "help getting the poop off." Yes, this is a phrase I never ever dreamed that I would hear in my own home. Children are a blessing. 

So the piercing of the ears is going to happen. We all had this big discussion of the best method for getting her ears pierced. Her mom, Michael and I have all had our ears pierced with the gun. I think I am the only one of the three that had problems with their ears afterward. When my ears finally healed, I had a hard time wearing any earrings unless they were plastic or a high grade metal. I couldn't just wear anything I wanted. If I did, my ears would swell up and would be red and angry. I finally gave up, removed my earrings and let the holes grow back. Many many years later, I wanted to wear earrings at my wedding so I had to get them re-pierced. My niece-in-law, Melissa, worked at Claire's at the time. She re-pierced my ears again with the gun. It was very painful, but I have not had a problem with earrings. At least that I know of. I wear the same silver elephants every day. 

Since then, I have learned a lot about piercing techniques. After I had my eyebrow pierced, I realized that needle piercing are much better than a gun for a number of reasons. The needle causes less damage to the tissue, while the gun tears more tissue. The guns are not disposable and it is really next to impossible to get them really really clean. This can lead to infections. If I had it to do all over again, I would have my ears pierced with a needle and not by a gun at the local Walmart. Michael had one ear pierced with the gun, but had let it grow back. He wanted to get both of his ears pierced and I convinced him to get it done with a needle and The Cabbage wanted to witness the whole procedure before actually getting her ears pierced. Monday evening, we all went to Supernatural Body Piercing for a family outing. You know what they say? The family that pierces together, stays together. Or not. Never. No one ever says that. 

Michael got both ears pierced with these tiny little earrings that look like freckles. You can't even see them when you're looking at him straight on because his beard hides them. I decided to get a daith piercing in my my right ear. There is a belief that this kind of piercing can alleviate migraine pain, though it has not been medically proven. In fact studies on this have come back with inconsistent results and doctors suspect that the piercing is a placebo effect. I did not get a daith piercing to alleviate migraines.  My migraines stopped when I drastically changed my diet, stopped eating meat and preservatives and got on a consistent yoga routine (this worked for me, maybe not for you). I got a daith piercing because I wanted it. I think it looks kind of badass. In fact, now I stand in front of the mirror in the mornings with my head turned to the side so I can see that piercing and I give myself a little pep talk for the day. "Cindy, you are a fucking badass!" I almost believe it. 

The Cabbage witnessed it all and she thinks she is ready. Clay, at Supernatural, did our piercings and I cannot say enough good things about him. He gets gold stars alone for just the number of times he changed his gloves and he always removed those gloves correctly. He also had an excellent bedside manner. Actually, all of the staff at Supernatural are pretty phenomenal. The girl at the front desk was kind and patient and seriously on top of things, which is impressive considering the number of customers in the shop. It was busy. They seem to stay busy and she flowed right on with it. We will definitely be back to see them in September. In the meantime, I will just be over here, looking in the mirror at my ear while practicing my rebel punk stare.