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Cindy Maddera

Saturday morning, I got up, went to Heirloom for a breakfast biscuit and wrote in my fortune cookie journal (something I have not done in a really long time). Then I went to a yoga class were I sweated profusely and couldn't clasp my hands behind my back (which I can totally do) because my sweaty fingers kept slipping. After class, I went home to get Michael so we could go grocery shopping. We then took the long way around to the grocery store, stopping at Terry's to pick up Michael's hat, then the library, then some lunch, then another library, then, of course, Target, and finally Trader Joe's. We did not have any plans other than a backyard concert later that evening, so we felt free to lolly gag. 

I put together a lovely picnic basket and Michael picked out a couple of bottles of wine. We loaded this into the car and headed towards Liberty for the evening concert. As we pulled out of the driveway, Michael said "Hey, would you read the invite for this again to me?" I pulled up the invite in my email and started reading "So and So would like to invite you to a backyard concert on August 5th. We are fortunate enough to be on the living room tour of Denver based alt-folk band King Cardinal..." "Wait. Can you repeat that first sentence?" "You mean the part where it says that the concert is August 5th?" Then we drove around Kansas City for the next two hours, stopping to look at houses that were for sale and stalking neighborhoods. We went home and spread our picnic out on the coffee table and ate brie and smoked salmon and horseradish hummus while watching Glow. 

The next morning, I woke up sore from yoga and one side of my nose clogged. My allergies have been through the roof horrible lately. I am taking allergy medicine, but it is only partially effective. CBS Sunday Morning was mostly reruns, so I opted to take advantage of the cool of the morning to clean up the garden beds and reclaim our back steps from the encroaching crab grass. An hour later I came inside, sweaty and covered in grass and ready to claw my skin off because I was so itchy (see allergies above). I decided to do something that I hadn't done in a really long time. I filled a bowl with sea salt and scrubbed myself with it in the shower. In yoga teacher training, we learned that salt was a good way to clean your aura. We all know how I feel about energy bodies and auras, but it did make me feel better. Seriously better. I'm not just talking about my itchy skin either. 

I spent the rest of Sunday finishing up laundry, watching Okja (which I am still processing and a little haunted by one scene in particular), putting clean sheets on my bed, updating my my hanging pictures and reading. I got a book from the library that needs to be returned in twelve days. In my brain that means it has be returned tomorrow and so I have to read all of the pages RIGHT NOW!

What did you guys do this weekend?