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Cindy Maddera


  • Had breakfast at Happy Gillis that made us happy.
  • Bought vegetables at the City Market.
  • Finally purchased tomato plants (and a few other plants).
  • Bought two whole tilapia with heads and everything for grilling.
  • Finished up our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's where we received a refund for the zero fat Greek yogurt I bought last week. It tastes like paste. Trader Joe's is awesome because they let you 'return' anything you don't like. 
  • Went to feed store and was charged $1,112.99 for $75 worth of chicken/dog/cat food.
  • Spent forty five minutes on the phone with the bank trying to fix the accidental over charge from the feed store.
  • Dropped chairs off at Terry's. Found him in the process of rebuilding his patio. That man is a machine. 
  • Ate lunch.
  • Ran the weedeater around the garden. 
  • Reclaimed garden from massive weed attack, thus saving some bean plants from choking to death.
  • Planted tomato plants (and the few others).
  • Took a shower because I am allergic to grass.
  • Watched Storks while Michael took a nap. 
  • Helped Michael get food ready for the grill.
  • Made a salad with greens from our garden.
  • Drank some gin.
  • Laundry.
  • Made new pickles (they'll be ready next week).
  • Made ghee.
  • Cleaned the house.
  • Took everything out of my closet and only put back things I wanted to keep. 
  • Edited some pictures.
  • Read some on a book I've been reading.
  • Watched three episodes of American Gods and two episodes of House of Cards. 
  • Slept.

I started to write a list of things I didn't do this weekend.