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Cindy Maddera

This morning, as I passed the window that holds the view to the Kaufman Center and nature center, I noticed little ringlets of waves on the water on the pond. When I took more than a passing glance, I realized that the ringlets were made by the swallows dipping down to pluck a bug from the surface. The barn swallows have returned. The barn swallows are my favorite birds to watch. I could lay on a blanket in the grass all day, watching them swoop around through the air in search of bugs. They're like tiny kites or fighter planes, performing twist and turns. The barn swallows also signify summer or at least that summer is on it's way.

We've had weeks of yo-yo weather around here. Last week brought rain that stayed with us for days and days along with cooler temperatures. Yesterday the sun came out and it was actually pleasant. Not warm, but pleasant and it looks like it is going to stay for a while. I am thankful for this for a number of reasons. I'm ready to walk around barefoot without my toes freezing solid. I am ready for scooter and bicycle days. Michael and I are both ready for camping days. But right now, I am thankful for the nice weather because we will have friends and family gathering in our backyard for a small celebration. We've wrangled the wild honeysuckle along the fence line and cleaned out the fire pit. Michael mowed the yard last night and I have to say, our wild backyard looks like a lovely place to host our friends and family. Today, I am thankful for barn swallows and sunshine. I am thankful for a weekend full of being surrounded by those we love. 

What else? Jenese has been found! Jen missed her calling as a private investigator (Or did she? Jen Tucker, Private Eye has a nice ring) and tracked Jensese down. We have communicated through email and have marveled over how our stories of how we got to where we are now have overlapped in ways. I am thankful that we found Jensese, but I am even more thankful that we found her happy and blessed and loved. 

Here's to a weekend filled with laughter and love and a super Thankful Friday.