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I have a knew obsession. As if I need one more thing to obsess over, but I do. I really really do! This knew obsession is my pores. I might be lying about this being a 'new' obsession. Let's just say it is a new to you guys obsession. When I look at my nose in the mirror, I am often reminded of my dad's nose, even though I don't have his nose. I have the distinctive McCool nose, but I still think of my dad's nose because right smack in the middle of it, he had this huge gaping pore. Sometimes I would be so surprised by the size of it, that I would take a step back when he'd come too close. I often wondered in a very grotesque way what would happen if that pore was squeezed. It's a scientific curiosity. 

I'm sorry Dad. I love you, but you had giant pores on your nose. 

Now that I think about, Dad's giant pore could have been skin cancer. I never saw my dad ever put sunscreen on his body and he had some seriously suspicious looking moles on his arms. Any way, I'll look at my nose in the mirror and wonder if or when I'm going to wake up some morning soon with a giant hole in my nose. Sort of how I sometimes wake up and wonder if this will be the day my brain starts to break. Genetics is an asshole. I will say that I have seen a huge improvement in my skin since I've been diligent in washing it every evening with ground flax seeds and tea tree oil. God, I swear I am not as hippy as that last sentence makes me out to be.

Along with the face washing thing, I've been using a Biore pore strip on my nose once a week. I had run out of those recently and it had been a few weeks since I had last used one. I was thinking about that when we walked past Ulta yesterday on our way to Trader Joe's. I dragged Michael into the store with me and we looked at the many many options they had available for sucking gross things out of your pores. Michael picked up a three step packet from TonyMoly . I said "I don't's a one time thing." He replied "So what? We're getting it. I'll get one for myself too. Let's just go." Can you tell that shopping at Ulta is his favorite thing ever? I said "fine" but also grabbed a box of regular pore strips to have on hand. If I were the kind of blogger that did sponsored posts or reviews of stuff, I'd totally write a good review for the TonyMoly packet. It worked well without making my face break out in an allergic reaction. That's a win with any face care product in my book. Also, TonyMoly is just fun to say. TONYMOLY!

The best part of peeling any of those strip thingies off your nose is looking at the strip to see what it pulled out of your face. I study them in the same way a witch studies tea leaves in the bottom of a cup to predict a future. You see that row of gunk there that came out of the crease of my nose? That means I'm going to live a long, clean life. Gasp! That boulder looking like thing there? That means you're destined to have giant pores. I haven't pulled out any boulders lately, so maybe I'm starting to change my destiny. Actually I feel like I'm lucky that I haven't turned complete crazy and started washing my face with a brillo pad.

I bet those things exfoliate the fuck out of your skin.