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Cindy Maddera

I popped my headphones on over my ears yesterday morning and Josh Ritter's Snow is Gone was playing. I sang along with a big smile on my face. "Hello blackbird. Hello Starling. Winter's over. Be my darling." I remembered a night this last Spring. It was late Spring, almost Summer. Michael and I went to see Josh Ritter in concert. I hopped around and sang along with almost everything, but when he got to Hello Starling, something inside me exploded. I hopped a little higher, sang along a little louder. It's no secret that me and Old Man Winter aren't the best of pals. Every year the cold dreary days of winter tend to hurt a little more than the year before. That night, Winter was officially over.

I don't think I ever told you about going to that concert. I'm not a concert blogger, nor do I attend many concert these days. I prefer to be entirely present at a concert with my phone put away and me making as much eye contact with the band members as I possibly can. So the next morning, all I'm left with is maybe one or two pictures and notes in my head. But I am thankful for the memory of that night. It was such a joyful memory, one filled with hope. I can still see the lights and the stage, the carpet of the old Madrid theater floor and the small crowd in front of the stage. Mostly, I remember the warmth. "Winter's over. Be my darling." I am thankful for songs that trigger memories of joyful moments. 

When you step outside in the mornings, there's a definite crispness to the air. The day warms up but the heat is no longer a summer kind of heat. The thermostat has been set to Fall whether I like it or not (ollie ollie oxen free, ready or not). I am thankful for this transition. The move from Summer to Fall seems to be less harsh than the Fall to Winter to Spring move. Days are warm and evenings are cool. The evening dog walk is less sweaty. Plants are still green and the dahlias up the street all in full magnificent bloom. I am thankful for this particular moment in time. I am thankful for the reminder that even though there are times when things are difficult they are eventually followed with days that are easy. 

I am thankful for the small box of tomatoes that are sitting on our kitchen counter. They came from our garden and I think I'm going to roast them with a couple of jalapenos (also from the garden) and then make some tomato soup. I am thankful for the eggs collected this week, the walks taken with the dog and shitake mushrooms. I am thankful for silly texting with friends. I am always thankful for you. Here's to a crisp weekend and a super Thankful Friday!