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Cindy Maddera

Last night, I roasted chopped potatoes and asparagus with rosemary and garlic. I served it up with two perfectly poached eggs. The house still smells like rosemary and garlic and I was reminded that this is the time of year when I am usually roasting trays of tomatoes. I looked out the kitchen window this morning to see that all the tomato plants are loaded down with very green tomatoes. It's likely that my roasting tomatoes will not come from own garden this year. I might venture into canning my own tomatoes this year just because of freezer space. We'll see, but I do like the idea of filling the house with the smell of roasting tomatoes. It is a seasonal smell that we've grown used to around here. 

This is the last weekend of August and next weekend will be what many refer to as the last weekend of Summer. Every year, I am unprepared for the end of summer. Every year, I think that there's so much more I could have gotten accomplished outside. Every year I think "wait! I didn't let myself bake on the hot sidewalk once this year!" Every year I cling to the lingering warmth of summer and beg it to stay just a little longer. Last night, Josephine and I passed a tree on our evening walk that had one bright red leaf standing out against the see of green leaves on it's branches. A warning. The season is going to change. But there's still time! I am thankful for that one red leaf to remind me to enjoy and cherish the last few weeks of summer. Plant those Fall vegetables! Ride that bicycle! Lounge in that hammock! I planted the Fall veggies on Monday. 

I am thankful for the last days of summer. I am thankful for the slow transition into Fall. I am thankful for the new couch even if it's making me completely rethink the layout of the living room. I am thankful for rosemary and garlic. I am thankful for breaks in this weeks rain that allow for dog walks. I am thankful for sowed seeds. I am thankful. Short but sweet. Happy Thankful Friday.