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Cindy Maddera

Here's what happened. I went to Boston last week for a conference where I heard about lots of interesting science. So much science that my brain is leaking through my nose. I came back from Boston with a head cold/sinus infection or maybe the Ziki virus. Something unpleasant has settled into my sinuses and my white blood cells are super angry about it. They are at war! I think they're using swords because something just stabbed the inside of my left eye. Any way, I feel sort of apathetic about writing anything down mostly because I end up staring off into Mucinex space. 

Boston is the most historical city in the United States. Maybe not the most, but it's got to be one the most. The whole city is practically a National Park and I walked my dang feet off. I stood at the site of the Boston Massacre. I stood at the window that lead out onto the balcony where they first read the Declaration of Independence to the public. I saw JFK's sailboat and Paul Revere's house and replicas of boats involved with the Boston Tea Party. I ate at least one lobster roll a day. Boston is pretty fantastic.