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I've started something big and it wasn't even all that hard to do. All I had to do was send Michael a couple of images of various popup trailers with toy hauler attachments and he was hooked. I let him drag me out to the suburbs on Saturday so we could go to a couple of RV dealerships. I thought it was the least I could do since I planned on having him assemble all the shelves and boxes we bought from IKEA that day. The first place we went to made me angry. They didn't have anything on their giant lot that we were looking for and we were inside the office area for over ten minutes before someone asked us if we'd been helped. I told Michael that if it had been up to me we would have left ten minutes ago, but I let it go because Michael has questions and is new to the world of RVs and campers. The second place we went to had exactly what we were looking for on display inside an air conditioned building. If Michael had a hitch already installed on his truck, we would have purchased it right then and there. 

Every day since, Michael has talked non stop about the popup trailer, where and how we can store the popup trailer, how the toy hauler addition might add too much weight to the popup, the possibilities of getting both scooters in the bed of his truck and racks for the day we get kayaks. When he's not talking about those things, he's talking about where we are going to go next. This is my favorite part. Michael really hasn't seen much of this country and he's realizing just how much there is to see. Though I was dragged all over the southern half of the United States in my youth, there's still plenty of great landmarks in this country yet for me to see. I had no idea that when I wrote that entry a few weeks ago about traveling that I was planting magic beans. And oh boy, how that beanstalk is growing. That trip to Wisconsin was just the sprout of the beanstalk. I am thankful for what this magic bean is growing into and it's not just growing into the shape of a trailer. This magic bean is growing into a world of adventure and I am thankful that those vines have tangled Michael up with it. 

I am sure that Michael will spend the weekend discussing trailers and hitches with my brother, who is a good source of information on these things. We are traveling to OK for my great-nephew's wedding. My GREAT-nephew is getting married. That tiny little goofball who couldn't keep his balance in the crooked house at Silver Dollar City and kept falling over because he was so small is getting married. Realistically, in a year or two, he and his wife could have a baby. That would mean that my brother could be a great grandfather by age fifty eight. Good Lord, I can't even. It makes me feel a hundred and eight years old even though I've had two people this week tell me that they thought I was thirty one or thirty two. (I am thankful for those people.) I am thankful for the kind of young man Jr has grown into. I am thankful that he is happy. I am thankful for the time I'm going to get with my family this weekend.

I am thankful for the collard greens from the garden. I am thankful for a clean house. I am thankful that Josephine is back to her 100% crazy running foolery self. I am thankful that I finally finished the first season of Stranger Things because I could not take much more of the anxiety it was causing me. I am thankful for magic beans and I am always thankful for you.

Here's to a weekend of celebration and a wonderfully Thankful Friday.