It turns out that Josephine had quite the crazy time adventure at Uncle Terry's over the weekend. It started Thursday night when Terry came home from work and discovered some crumbles of mouse poison on the floor. Of course, this sent Terry into panic mode who called the vet. The vet said that since there was no way of knowing which of the three beasts got into the poison, they all had to go in. So he rounded them all up and took them to the emergency clinic for a round of vomiting. Turns out it was Max who ate the poison. He didn't eat enough to do any damage, thank goodness, but we did learn that Josephine swallows rawhides whole. I feel worse for poor Terry who had to go through the whole mess than those three rascals who had to puke their guts out. 

Monday morning, I got up and Josephine jumped off the bed and stumbled. Then she started limping and by that evening, she refused to put any weight on her front right paw. Now it was my turn to go into panic mode. I went full on worst case scenario and had already concluded that Josephine would need thousands of dollars worth of surgery. Our vet said to wait it out another day and then bring her in the next day if she had not improved. She has improved. She's still a little gimpy, but will rest on that front paw. The vet said that miniature schnauzers are prone to over doing it and that Josephine probably just strained herself. That seems to be the case and not really a big surprise. Josephine loves Terry's. Really I think she loves Max even more, but she enjoys chasing Miles around the yard. Max and Miles are Terry's children and he treats them as such. So everyone gets twenty bazillion pounds of love sprinkled with treats when they're there. The last time she stayed a weekend at his place, she came home and slept for two days. 

I am thankful for Terry, but not just because he was gracious enough to watch Josephine while we were out of town. Terry is really good at making me believe that I'm doing him the favor by letting Josephine stay over. He is the most gracious human being I have ever known. Every time I check in, Terry goes on and on about how good Josephine is and I half way believe it. But I bet Josephine does act a little better because she's trying to impress Max. Any way, I'm thankful to have Terry and I need to figure out a better way of showing him just how grateful I am than writing about it. A giant bottle of booze seems too easy. Of course, I am also thankful that Josephine is well or at least on her way to fully recovered. I caught her chewing on the cat this morning. So she'll be up to her old shenanigans in no time. 

Earlier this week, I peeled a ruby red grapefruit and split it for my lunch. It was the most delicious thing that I was really sad that I had only packed half of it. It's all I want to eat forever. I am thankful for ruby red grapefruits. I am thankful for kale picked from our garden. I am thankful Albus didn't fill the basement with dead animals while we were gone. I am thankful for the one green tomato that is now sitting in our kitchen window. I am always thankful for you.

Here's to a sweltering hot weekend and a dazzling Thankful Friday!