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Thursday night/Friday morning, I had a dream we were hiking through the woods. I could see something near the trail up ahead and then I realized it was a bear with her cub. I stopped in my tracks and whispered "we should go that way." I pointed to a path that would take us safely around the mother bear and her cub, but Michael and the Cabbage didn't hear me or see the bears and they just kept on walking. I don't know what happened after that because I woke up, but then Friday night/Saturday morning, I had another dream about a bear. This time I dreamed that I could hear something in the living room. Thinking that the cat had dragged in some helpless half dead thing, I got up to investigate. When I opened my door, Josephine shot out and into the living room barking and growling. There was a medium sized black bear sniffing around the coffee table. The next morning, I got up and went about my usual Saturday morning routine. I went to Heirloom for breakfast and after placing my order, the girl at the counter handed me my coffee mug and my order card, which happened to be the B is for bear card. 

Jen Tucker sent me a link to a Huffington Post article about dreaming about bears. Barbara Condron, B.J, D.D., D.M. says that "a bear figuring prominently in your dream will indicate a compulsive way of thinking, speaking or acting that contributed to a 'bear of a day'." I don't think I'm the compulsive kind of person. Though I will admit that there were most days last week when I felt like compulsive screaming at some people on the internet and I probably had a lot of those compulsive conversations in my head. That could explain why I have been dreaming of bears, but really, I think the bear dreams mean that I am going to see an actual bear. You see, a few hours after I posted Friday's blog entry, Michael sent me a text. He says he doesn't read the blog, but he read the blog Friday and sent me a link for the Apostle Islands. It's a group of Islands on Lake Superior in Wisconsin. In fact, the Apostle Islands are a National Lakeshore. You have to ride a boat to get to any of the campgrounds on the islands. There's an island that has only one camping spot. There's an island called Bear Island. There are no campgrounds on Bear Island and the campsites on the two islands closest to Bear island, come with bear proof boxes. 

When Michael sent me that text, I replied with "Can we leave next Thursday?" An hour later he sent me another text telling me that he'd booked us on a kayaking day trip on Lake Superior for this Friday. So, we are going North! I've never been to Wisconsin. I have plans to see the 143 ft Muskie (a fish) in Hayward and maybe stand inside it's gaping mouth. We're going to get a new National Parks passport and put a bunch of stamps in it from all the islands. It's going be in the low seventies and I'm going to be cold just like all those times we traveled to Colorado during the summer and I won't care because we'll have a fire. The camp gear has been organized and is ready to pack. We have most of our groceries. All that's left is to give the dog a bath before we drop her off with Uncle Terry, load up the car and go. And see a bear. 

I can't wait!  I'm hoping that we'll be so isolated that there won't be any cellphone signal. No internet. No blogging. Just some camera time. That's it. So...I'll see you guys sometime next week.

I'm on vacation!