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Cindy Maddera

This was a weird morning and it had nothing to do with the live bird Albus brought into the house (the second morning in row that he has done this). This is what has become normal in my daily life; collecting the living and half dead animals that Albus drags into this house. The thing that unsettled me on this particular morning was that the sun was mostly up when my alarm went off at 5:50 AM and so was Michael. I don't know which part of that threw me off the most. Michael usually has an alarm that goes of for twenty or thirty minutes and me telling him that it is time to get up before he ever gets up. Ten minutes to six usually just seems darker. Michael was up and he made himself breakfast while I was in the shower. And when Albus brought the bird in this morning, I made him deal with it because he had on pants and I still did not have on a bra. I win. 

I was slightly confused the whole rest of the morning. Even though I was on time (meaning ten minutes early), I still thought I was late by at least an hour. Morning traffic usually runs in waves with busy times varying between seven and eight. My road connects to Hwy 71 and cars coming off that highway stream down the road, paced just far enough apart to make it a little difficult to leave my driveway. There's also a kid that walks to the school bus who is almost always standing in the middle of my driveway when I go to back my car out of the drive. I will admit that there was one very frightening morning when I almost hit him with my car. I am uber vigilant now. This morning there was no traffic and there was no kid. In fact the ride to work was pretty easy except for when that cop pulled out into traffic and every one slowed down to twenty five miles an hour in a thirty five mile an hour zone. You are not going to get a ticket for going the speed limit people! I didn't even get one for practically running that super yellow light and I was right behind the cop. 

Then I realized it's Summer. No school. There's still some light in skies when I go to bed and there's light when I get up in mornings. It has finally decided to stop being monsoon season around here and I have to water the plants. The weather app says it's going to be ninety degrees on Thursday. Ninety! I'm toying with the idea of surprising Michael and the Cabbage with a cheap inflatable pool. Last night, I watched Josephine chase a firefly around the backyard and I thought that maybe it was time I smelled like bug spray and sunscreen. Then we could just hang out in the backyard chasing fireflies together. My legs are covered in mosquito bites already. I wore shorty shorts yesterday and blinded every one in the grocery store with my winter white legs. 

It is all glorious.