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Cindy Maddera

Albus does this thing around 2:30 in the morning where he sits outside my door and starts meowing like the most heartbroken meow. Of course this wakes up me and Josephine, who is all "hey! the chew toy is awake!" Then Josephine thinks she needs to go outside. So I get up and let Josephine out and the cat comes in and begins to attack me with love and wet kisses that end with a bite on my knuckles. Then Josephine will come back in and the two of them will start mauling each other until I say "ENOUGH!" and kick the cat out. Sometimes they calm down and the both of them settle back into sleep at the end of the bed. Those are moment when I'm all "oh, my animals are so sweet and loving." even though they've interrupted dreams. 

Thursday morning like clock work, Albus shows up caterwauling. I repeat the routine of opening the door and letting the dog out and the cat in. Things proceed as normal. I vaguely remember hearing a weird sound when the two of them where tossing each other around at the end of the bed, but sleep walking investigation is not really my thing. I rolled over and ignored it. Eventually, the cat got kicked out any way. When the alarm went off, I got up and flipped on the light to find vomit on the end of the bed all over my expensive, dry-clean only, wool, Ireland blanket. I can't have nice things. I cleaned up the vomit assuming it was Josephine's. We'd given her a filled hoof the other day and I didn't really investigate what that hoof was filled with. Josephine has been obsessed with that thing ever since we gave it to her. It's empty, but she drags it around with her every where. I woke up with it next to me in bed one morning. It was like waking up to that horse head from the Godfather, except more pointy and less squishy. Any way, the blanket will have to go to the cleaner's and my comforter went into the washing machine. I was putting my comforter into the washer when I noticed another pile of vomit in the basement. Albus was the puker. That mouse head he ate the other day must not have settled well with him. The idea of it sure hasn't settled well with me. Animals are gross. There are muddy paw prints of evidence every where. 

Wait! It gets better. I got to work and it started snowing. Like someone shook up a snow globe kind of snowing. Big fat wet flakes came raining down all blizzard style and tears welled up in my eyes. Then I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures of it. This action did not bring out the sun, but it did dry up my tears. Wait! Just wait! It gets even better. I went to the dentist to have a temporary inlay taken out and a permanent inlay put in. I asked if we could try doing this without numbing my face because I feel like a numb face is worse than the actual procedure. The hygienist said "let's give it a try!" She said they could numb me if it gets too uncomfortable, but it never did and I left the dentist's office feeling like I could lift cars. I spent the rest of my day feeling like I should be walking around karate chopping things. I told you things got better! My day started with cat vomit, but ended with high fives all around. So today, I am thankful for days that may start out sour but end up sweet.

Oh. Hold up. I wrote all of that yesterday before the cat brought a live rat into the house. Michael and I were having a relaxing evening on the couch when I saw the cat streak across the dining room and dive under my desk. He came out from under the desk with something large and furry in his mouth that went "eek". Of course when Michael jumped up to do something, the cat dropped the rat. So the dog and the cat where corralling a rat under the kitchen table until Michael could get something to trap the rat. I peeped out from under the blanket I was hiding under just in time to see Michael beat the rat half to death with the broom. We cleaned up the carnage and then the cat laid down in the middle of the floor all smug with blood on his face. He worked really hard at earning his asshole badge yesterday. But I am thankful that Albus got the rat because rats will mess with chickens. So, hey! High fives all around!

I am thankful for the tulips that have started popping up around here. I am thankful for a phone call with a friend that made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe for a minute. I am thankful for all the steps taken and all the time on my mat. I am thankful for eggs. We have lots of eggs and they will all be deviled for Terry's Easter Extravaganza. I am thankful for this Good Friday that marks the beginning of Michael's Spring Break. He really needs the break. This week was one where we were two ships constantly passing each other. Monday evening was the most time we've spent together all week. So I have taken today off so we can spend time together... cleaning out the basement! Cat vomit and all! 

Hope you have an egg colored weekend and a fantastically good and Thankful Friday!