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Cindy Maddera

This morning, I stepped outside and walked. I walked all the way around the fountains and back to my desk and I didn't wear a coat, only a light sweater. The wind was blowing, but the sun reflecting off the windows, warmed my face. Minutes later clouds would come in and block the sun, but for that tiny moment, it was mine. Adele was singing Send My Love into my headphones, which made me want to skip along the sidewalk. I looked down to see the tips of green things popping out of the ground, the early signs of tulips. In just a matter of weeks, all the flower beds around here will be filled with tulips. My heart lifted.

I know that this is a tease. Next week we will see cooler temperatures. It will float back and forth between cold and comfortable for weeks. It may even snow a time or too before Mother Nature gives in and declares it officially Spring. I know that I should remind my lifting heart of all of those things and tell it to not get too excited. I know that in a couple of days when the temperatures drop, I will be slightly crushed. But for now? For right this minute? I'm going to relish in this teasing moment of Spring. I'm going to walk outside. I'm going to make plans to clear the garden and work in the yard. I'm going make sure the scooter tires and the bicycle tires are aired up so I can be ready at any moment to ride on two wheels. I am going to let my heart be lifted.

And I am going to be grateful for all of it. 

Today, I am thankful for sunshine and Fun Dip. I am thankful for new headphones which sounds silly, but my other ones broke and I couldn't listen to music for two whole days. I am thankful for dentist appointments where they tell me what an amazing job I've done at flossing and how I'm the best patient. I am thankful for those moments when I can breathe through my nose, mint tea with honey and Kleenex. I am thankful for you.

Happy weekend and happy Thankful Friday!