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Cindy Maddera

Thursday night, all I had to do when I got home was turn on the oven, take dinner out of the fridge and then place into the oven. There was no chopping. There was no opening of jars or cans. No assembling. There was just the simple act of moving a baking dish from one spot to another. And even then, I did not end up being the one to do the moving. Michael did that. I did not cheat either. We still ate a dinner of whole foods. I still chopped fresh vegetables. I still opened a jar and assembled a meal. I just did all of those things the night before. And I am so glad I did. I'm not just glad, but thankful.

Thursday turned out to be the kind of day that felt like I was in a marathon aerobics class. It was ten in the morning before I was able to even take a sip of my first cup of coffee. In fact I ended up still sending out work emails from home at six in the evening. This is not a normal day. I'm usually busy, but more at a leisurely pace kind of busy. I have time in between things. Yesterday there was zero in between time. Then, once I got home, Josephine was glued to me like she hadn't seen me in days and days. This is because dogs know. They just know that you need to be still and the only way you're going to be still is if they lay on you. So after helping Michael change out water feeders and collecting (3!) eggs from the coop and eating dinner, I let Josephine lay on me until my foot fell asleep. 

I am thankful for easy dinner nights. I am thankful for fresh eggs. I am thankful for the little bit of green I saw pushing it's way up through the dirt. I am thankful for a cat who acts like he's so cool, but then does something totally silly. I am thankful for a dog who holds me still. 

I am thankful for you.