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Cindy Maddera

Monday, I came home from work and as I went to unlock the front door, I found a notice that our water would be shut off on Tuesday from 10:30 until 3:30. The water department has been busy updating water lines in our area. Just east of us, they cleared a wooded lot and Michael and I drive down that way just see if we can figure out what they are doing with that space. We're hoping for a park. So far all we see is the beginnings of landscaping. The notice was not unusual because we have had water shut off notices all through out the summer. Any way, Monday, I went inside, let the dog out and noticing that her water dish was empty, picked it up to rinse and refill. I turned on the kitchen faucet and nothing happened.

I picked up the noticed and checked the date again. It said Tuesday. I looked at my phone to see what date was currently. It was Monday. The water was off for unexpected reasons. So, I called the number on the notice and was told that there had been a water main break in the area and that my water should be back in about ten to fifteen minutes. No big deal because I was taking the dog for a walk any way. Our water was back on by the time Josephine and I were back from our walk, just in time to get dinner started. The next day, I came home and repeated the process only to discover that our water was still off after trying to flush the toilet. I took Josephine for a walk expecting to come home to our water being back on. Michael met me at door when Josephine and I returned to tell us that our water was still off. Cooking dinner was out of the question, so we scootered over to BRGR for dinner. When we got home, the water was back on. The chickens got water, the toilet got flushed, and every one had fresh water to drink. 

It would be easy for me to say that this week, I am thankful for water. That's the simplest way of putting it really, but what I am really thankful for is access to clean water. I am thankful that I can just walk over to the kitchen sink, turn a knob, and watch as water flows easily out the tap. I know that this is a privilege and I know that it is a privilege that is not universal. My few hours of inconvenience is nothing compared to those who have to walk miles every day to access water and because of that, today I am making a donation to Charity Water

Of course I am thankful for many things this week like scooter rides in an unseasonably warm November and an appointment with my massage therapist. And I am extremely thankful for you. Here's to a bright sunshiny weekend and a truly Thankful Friday.