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Cindy Maddera

  • Learning to play the fiddle. Or, I guess, learning to play the violin like a fiddle
  • Editing and uploading all those pictures I took at the zoo on Sunday
  • The fire and brimstone that will occur if Trump wins in November
  • If those googly eyes I glued to my ghost pumpkins are going to really stick
  • Giving the dog a bath
  • Vacuuming
  • Is my house clean enough for visitors
  • Sex
  • Those ten pounds that won't go the fuck away
  • Buying some greeting cards and actually mailing them to people
  • Making up some spider and Mummy pumpkins to go with my ghosts
  • Why the chickens have stopped laying eggs (I had to buy eggs last week)
  • What side dish I should take to that party I've been invited to next weekend
  • Friends and family
  • NANOWRIMO and finding time, no... MAKING time to write
  • Winning the Nobel Prize in Science for figuring out how to actually make "extra" time