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I might have mentioned on Friday's post about working on writing something. I have 1,998 words that I've written about a girl and an egg with four yolks. I just looked this up and I thought "what a coincidence!" I graduated college in 1998 and I got married in 1998. 1998 was a good year, but that's not my stopping spot. There's more to this egg yolk story. I just got a little stuck. So while I was stuck, I did things like watch videos of puppies and baby goats jumping on pigs. Then I got the brilliant idea to Google search why my body's been all achy and why I'm tired all the time, but I worded it in the most vague way with "what's wrong with me?" Let's just say that Google will find a whole lot wrong with you if you Google that question.

I stepped back from the computer and really thought about a more specific question to ask when I remembered that I used to take a magnesium calcium blend before going to bed every night to help relax my muscles. I also remembered that this helped, but I haven't taken it in a long time. I ran out and never got another bottle and it has been so long since then that I couldn't remember the dosage. So, I Googled magnesium calcium for sleep and Google didn't know what I was talking about, but I was able to determine that I might be deficient in magnesium in general. I finally came up with the dosage amount by searching my own blog. In case you're wondering it's 2000mg Mg/1000mg Ca. 

Then this weekend, I made us all trek out to Natural Grocers so I could pick up some Mg/Ca and also some iron/B12 supplements (I've been out of those for a few months now). I ended up finding way more stuff than the vitamins. Froast makes a breakfast link! I also bought my Thanksgiving "turkey". I took that Mg/Ca last night and just as I was tossing the pills into my mouth, I remembered something. My tired achy body might have something to do with the flu shot I got a week ago. Well...I could be magnesium deficient so taking the Mg/Ca couldn't hurt. I woke up this morning not achy, but still tired. Not really tired, but you know...wishing I could have five more minute hours. But after taking a shower and more vitamins and eating my oatmeal, I have to say I felt ready to go. Let's do this day! I even had enough energy to hide under Jeff's desk and scare him when he came in this morning.

I feel like if I were to print this out, my English teacher would totally understand why I have only written 1,998 words. It is obvious that I couldn't write in my condition. Yes, I realize that I just admitted to you that I am feeling better and therefor could have added at least a hundred words to that count by now. Except it seems like I've fallen behind on watching puppy videos. As soon as I catch up, I promise I'll write more.


I mean it.