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Cindy Maddera

For years, for most years I can remember any way, Katrina had a china cabinet that was filled will all kinds of porcelain, ceramic, and glass cats. Except for one shelf. On that shelf, she had five different elephants. Three of them were pitchers and two of them were tiny planters and I coveted them. The first time I saw them, I reached for them with my hands, just assuming that they were mine. Katrina politely said "No way, young lady!" and then told me that I could have those when she died. Which seems like something really morbid to tell a child, but at the time I was probably thirty, trapped inside a ten year old. Any way, I knew that one day, when Katrina passed away, I would have those lovely elephants and remember that they used to sit in a cabinet full of cats and think fondly of Katrina's bipolar collections. 

When we all sat down for dinner together last Saturday, Randy handed Mom her gift bag and then he handed me a large gift bag. I was confused. My tattoo was birthday present from Randy and Katrina, so I didn't understand why I was getting another gift. I said "You were not supposed to buy me anything." Katrina replied "I didn't." And I knew then, before I had even unwrapped the first elephant. She gave me those elephants I had coveted for all this time and of course I got all teary about it. Do not fret though. Katrina is not dying. She will be with us for a good long time if I have any say in the matter. She just thought it was time for me to enjoy those elephants. I'm going to fill them with cacti. I am thankful for Katrina and her elephants.

I am thankful for the wonderful weekend I spent with Mom. We had a really nice visit. Her kitchen is coming together nicely. She's seems really happy and that makes me happy. I am grateful for her happiness and grateful for her health. She got a little sickly on us for a while there, but seems to be on the mend and back to her more active self. I am really grateful for this because I plan on celebrating many more birthdays with her. And speaking of birthdays, I am so grateful for every single birthday wish that came my way. I know that there were a couple of people in that list who are dealing with some hard losses of their own right now and they took a moment to tell me Happy Birthday. That's humbling, but I also know that being able to get on Facebook and send someone else good wishes is an easy distraction in times like that. My heart and love are with those people today. 

I'm so grateful for a lot of things and people this week. Marguerite has laid two eggs this week. We know it's her because the eggs are greenish blue. Michael bought them a heated water feeder and they love it. I came home on Sunday to a fresh layer of snow. Just a thin layer, but it has stuck around because it's been too cold to melt. Thursday morning I mention to Michael that maybe we should try to take the Cabbage sledding this weekend. He informed that there was not enough snow for sledding. snowed a little more that day. Actually, it snowed all day yesterday and it was really quite pretty. I am thankful that for once I could look at the snow with joy instead of my usual grumbles. 

Here's to a weekend full of sledding and hot chocolate. And here's to a wonderful Thankful Friday!