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Cindy Maddera

I have ridden my bike to work every day this week and I have ridden my bike home every day except one day this week (well two if you count today because Fridays are scooter days because Friday). That day, I got a flat tire on my way to work. A small piece of wire found it's way into my back tire. Michael picked me up that evening and we took Bessie straight to the bike shop because we didn't know why the tire was flat yet and we didn't want there to be something wrong with a bike that had nine and half miles on it. This is where I need to say that I am really thankful for Family Bicycles. By the time Michael and I got the bike loaded into the truck and fought traffic, it was really super close to closing time for the bicycle shop. When I wheeled Bessie into the shop both Therese and Bruce exclaimed "WHAT HAPPENED!" They were just as upset about my flat tire as I was. Before I could say anything Bruce had my bike on the rack and was taking the wheel off. 

Really, the people at Family Bicycles have been all around fantastic. When I went with my old bike, Bruce was just as willing to adjust that bike as he was to sell me a new one. He did not push the new bike at all. Therese did a great job of telling us about different trails and rides and both of them are just enthusiastic about getting you on a bike. Someone like me needs people like this. I think we're pretty lucky to have them in the neighborhood. They are just a short ride from the house. I pass the shop on the trail on my way home. Bruce replaced the tube in my tire in minutes and then didn't even charge us for labor. They are the best. Even Surly the store cat. I'm really grateful for these guys. 

It kind of looks like the bicycle is the new chicken in the coop. I promise. No more talks of riding the bicycle or how pretty Bessie is or how my toenail polish matches the paint on Bessie and my scooter. We are all headed into the final official weekend of summer and a nice long weekend. We are skedaddling out of town and I'm super thankful to have Shannon coming over to check on our chickens. We are paying her in eggs of course. Honestly I am also thankful for the end of a super long and slightly tense week. I am thankful to have some answers to some questions that have plagued us at work. I am thankful for the purple hulled peas I noticed in the garden last night that are ready to be picked. And I am thankful for you.

Have the best and safest weekend and Happy Thankful Friday!