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Cindy Maddera

I'm gonna be straight with you. I am tired. I feel like I have been partially living out of a suitcase for months and just barely keeping up with the usual chores like laundry and sweeping. I dusted last Wednesday. So I feel pretty good about that. Then there was that Friday before we went to the cabin where I got all of the laundry finished THAT EVENING! I spent five minutes shaking my butt around the house and singing something about winning the laundry Olympics. I am getting things done, but I'm rushing to get all of the things done before the next activity. Then we're onto the next activity before I've had a chance to stop and pee. And I really need to stop and pee. 

My friend Heather, who used to live here but moved away to California, read my blog entry about Mom's blue house dress and then sent me this AMAZING moo-moo. The tag says "Loll Ease". This should tell you everything you need to know about this dress. I keep meaning to spend some time lounging in my hammock while wearing this dress and taking some pictures so I can do a proper post for this dress. This dress requires a proper post, but there's been no time for lounging. Lounging is on the horizon though. Right after next Saturday where we take the Cabbage to two different birthday parties on one day. PEOPLE! STOP HAVING SO MANY SEPTEMBER BABIES!

I'd love tell you about all the activities but there's really not a whole lot to tell. They are the usual hectic family activities. They were fun, but now sound boring. Instead I want to talk about these pants I bought on Saturday. Technically they are not pants, because LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! But they make my butt look good. So if I were the type to wear leggings as pants, these would be the pants. Mom and I went into the Victoria Secret because I had a coupon and I thought I'd get some new under things. Except when we walked in a sales clerk hit us with this great deal they were having on their athletic pants. I let her steer me over and I skeptically looked at the pants as she pulled a size medium out for me. "Those are way to small." I said. "Try them on!" She said. So I did. Once the pants were on, I was stunned. Nothing was bulging out over the waistband or straining against the fabric like I'd stuffed myself into a sausage casing. My butt looked amazing! I wanted to run around the store telling everyone to look at my butt. Instead, I settled for standing on one leg and leaning out from the changing rooms as far as I could while extending the other leg to keep my changing room door from closing and locking me out while yelling for my Mom. Who did not hear me. 

I put my clothes back on and went out to find Mom. I told her how amazing these pants where. She responded with "So, they just hold everything snug and in place." which kind of put a smudge on the image I had of myself in those pants, but Michael made it all better with his reaction when he saw the pants on me. I wore a pair of them yesterday to work and realized quickly that I need more tunic like shirts so I can wear these legging like pants every day. I rode my bike in them and did yoga and I never once had to pause to pull anything out of my butt crack or tug them up where they'd slipped down over my belly. They stayed put. Like wearing a hug. Who doesn't want to wear a hug? 

No one. Well...except maybe those people who can't stand hugs.