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Cindy Maddera

Michael has been teasing me about "when we move to Seattle" lately because of a recent job offer that I received. It was flattering, but I said "no". I think maybe if I was a little bit younger and it was just me, I would have said "yes", but I can only think of one reason for moving to Seattle. Seattle is beautiful! There's a million reasons for staying put. I was kind of surprised by this reaction. I just always thought I had a wandering soul that would only be settled by the West Coast. Go West! That was me. It would be easy to say that the whole idea of moving across the country just sounds too exhausting. That makes me sound lazy, but I've packed up and moved before and yes it's tiresome, but not tiresome enough to keep me from doing it. It's just that I feel like this place is my home. 

When I think of Seattle, I think of the market and fresh seafood and how it's just so pretty there. Then immediately I start thinking about housing prices and travel costs and working at a job that I'm not entirely sure I would like as much as the one I have now. The holidays would be the craziest and there would probably not be a backyard for chickens. The more I think about it, the longer the con list gets. I am thankful that I am only a four hour drive from family. I am thankful that I have a house with a big backyard for chickens. I am thankful that Michael and the Cabbage have given me pretty dang good reason for staying around. I am thankful for that job offer. It was nice to know that I am valued, but I'm really thankful for the job that helps keep me here. I really am lucky to be able to make a living doing something I enjoy. It turns out, I'm really a Mid-West kind of girl.

This week has been wonky weird. I'm ready for a slower paced weekend and a return to some normalcy. I've only ridden my bicycle twice this week and none of those times were pretty. Michael and I are ridding over to a local bike shop tomorrow so I can test out some bikes and see what they can do to make my bike more comfortable until I can get a new bike. It will be great if when we leave the bike shop tomorrow, I will be so happy with my current bike that I will not even think about a new bike. I'm thankful Michael suggested this and that we have a local bike shop that we really kind of love. I am thankful for the eggs we get from the chickens. I am thankful for the tomatoes we are still eating from the garden. I noticed that there are long purple hulled pea pods out there too, not quite ready to be picked. I'm thankful we will have peas. 

I am thankful for you. Happy Thankful Friday.