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There used to be a time when I traveled where at the end of each day, I'd sit down and write the day's events in my journal. It was a good habit that I've neglected this summer. While we were in Alabama, by the time the dinner dishes where dealt with and the Cabbage was put to bed, I barely had enough energy to get through a cocktail before calling it a night. Every day was filled to exhaustion. I suppose I could make the same excuse for this trip to New York. I mean, just on my last day alone, I ended up walking a little over 25,000 steps. This trip was a spur of the moment splurge and I didn't really prepare myself for journaling. 

Here's an un-ordered list of things I saw:

  • Fort Tryon Park
  • subway rat
  • The Wild Party
  •  Pier 84
  •  Boyz II Men and Nick Canon
  •  Chinatown
  • what's left of Little Italy
  • the Morgan Library
  •  the original manuscript of Alice in Wonderland
  • the Highline
  • the Roosevelt Tram
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Schmakery
  • Congee
  • Ramen
  • that guy wearing an American flag tank with a matching bandanna on his head carrying a pineapple. 

It seems like a short list, but part of my time was spent in a conference. Of course I saw old sites like Times Square. There's no missing The square when you're headed to a theater. I hung out for a few minutes in Bryant Park and passed by Columbus Circle. There were so many new sections of New York for me this time. I walked from the Highline to Chinatown which took me through parts of the Village I'd never seen. I emersed myself into the tactileness of New York. I ended each day with sore feet and a body sticky with sweat and city grime and I did not care. The best part was getting to see Talaura's new home. I met her dog park buddies and saw the place where every Tuesday, she picks up her CSA veggies. We'd pass people on the sidewalk while walking Sarge and Talaura would tell me how that's so and so and they're currently in this or that. Her neighborhood is full of people involved in the theater in some way. I was star struck and giddy and so impressed. I am happy for the life she's created and is cultivating for herself.

When I sat on the plane to leave New York after my very first time visiting, tears dripped down my chin. I was overwhelmed by the grandeur that is New York and joy of spending time with a good friend. The same thing happened as I said goodbye to Talaura at the airport after my second trip to New York. That was understandable. It was an emotional trip, the trip that Chris and I had planned to take together. The Statue of Liberty was where we held the first leaving of the ashes ceremony. I assumed these tears were warranted, but a passing things. Eventually I would get used to saying goodbye to Talaura and this great big city she calls home. So I was surprised as the tears welled up in my eyes and spilled over as my plane taxied down the runway.  I chalked it up to being tired. Also the s'more cookie that Talaura shoved into my hand before pushing me off the bus was now gone, eaten while standing in line at security. There was also someone sitting near me who was making the plane smell like a boys' locker room. 

I know really the tears are there because I've just said goodbye to a piece of my heart.