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Cindy Maddera

For some people New York City is a one time vacation destination. They go and see all the tourist things like Times Square, the Empire State Building and the MET. They become part of the large crowds of people walking around while staring up at the tall buildings. Then they go home and tell all their friends that they had a great time, but would probably never go back. Too much hustle and bustle. Too many crowds. Too much walking. Then there are those of us who visit New York and fall in love. That city has a way of getting under your skin and there have been times while strolling through a neighborhood where I think I could totally live there. I've been to those touristy areas. They are crowded, but they are wonderful. I found that the trick to the Empire State building and the MET is to get there right when they open. You'll have the MET mostly to yourself and a ten minute wait to ride the elevators up to the top of the Empire. Times Square does make me twitchy though.

I've been pining for a trip to New York for months now. I keep thinking about Central Park and little corners yet explored. Mostly I've been thinking about spending some time with Talaura. She's come in this direction so often lately. I feel like it's my turn to go to her. Talaura's New York is my favorite. She knows the best small museums and knows that these kind of museums are my favorite. She lives on the complete opposite end of New York now then the last time I visited and has a new home. These are things I want to see. I want to sit in her new home and convince Sarge that he loves me and talk and laugh with Talaura. This is something I have been craving and Michael even told me last month to buy a plane a ticket, but I hesitated. Money and finding the right time made me hold out. 

Last week Talaura and I were doing our usual chat thing when all of a sudden she said "OHMYGOSH! I won! I won!" I quickly replied with "YAY!", not really knowing what she won, but happy she won something. Well, she won two free passes to BlogHer '15 which happens to be taking place in New York next week. Then she asked me if I wanted to hop a plane to New York and I made probably the most impulsive decision I've made since purchasing the scooter. I bought a plane ticket to New York so fast, it made my head spin. I had zero plans to attend BlogHer this year mostly because I couldn't justify buying a ticket when we were going to Alabama for a family vacation. So I am thankful for the opportunity to hang out with some women that I really admire and love. But I'm super duper thankful for Talaura for giving me this opportunity and I'm thankful that I'm going to get to squeeze her in gratitude next week.

That's a pretty big thing to be thankful for. Here's to a great weekend and a super duper Thankful Friday!