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Cindy Maddera

The other day I received an email from Jeana at Ahimsa Healing saying she had a last minute cancelation and was offering that appointment up at a discount. I may have mentioned Jeana here before, but it's been a really long time. In fact, it's been a really long time since I've seen Jeana. I stopped making appointments with her because scheduling became difficult and then I just couldn't really afford it. This isn't the first time Jeana has sent out the cancelation email. Usually, I ignore them because I feel like it's too much of an expense, but this time I didn't hesitate. I replied to her email almost without even thinking about it. The timing for that cancellation and Jeana's email couldn't have come at a better time. She is by far the best energy/massage therapist I have ever encountered. Every time I see her, I feel like I am meeting an old friend. She was practically my therapist when Chris died. She made it easy for me to spill my guts about how I was really feeling, instead of masking it with "I'm fine." And I didn't realize until now just how much I have missed her. She is someone that I am easily thankful for this week and I've made myself a promise that I would see her at least once a year. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for September.

Jeana helped remove the stacks of stones I've been balancing. The plumber is coming back to the house today to help remove a few more of those stones. Our goal for this weekend is to have the chickens in their coop by tomorrow, thus removing a few more stones from both of us. Michael confessed on Wednesday that the fate of the chickens has been weighing so heavily on him that at times it keeps him up at night. Our other goal is to Spring clean the house. The other night when I said the house seemed dirty, Michael said "It's not really that dirty, but I understand that you need it to be clean. What can I do to help?" I was able to give him the task of deep cleaning the kitchen without any guilt. I don't know if he realizes just how grateful I am to be able to do that. 

I am thankful that we are able to remove the small things from our worry list. I am thankful for the two days I was able to ride the scooter this week. I am thankful for the new allergy medicine I am now taking. I switched to Flonase, finally, after hemming and hawing and sneezing and waking up with a sinus headache every day. So far the only side affect has been some hyperactivity in the mornings. Which is only annoying to the guys I work with because I'm all "hey! hey! hey!" while they're moaning about needing more coffee. I am thankful for seeds that have been planted both physically and metaphorically. I am SO SO SO thankful for each of you who have donated to my AIDS Walk Fundraising Page. And as always, I am thankful for each of you who come here and read these words.

Here's to a clean weekend and a super Thankful Friday!