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Cindy Maddera

Here's a list of things that I am thankful for this week:

  • My friends and family are all safe and sound after tornadoes moved through Oklahoma Wednesday night. I didn't even know tornadoes where happening there until the next day when I received a message from Michael's mom asking if my family was OK. A quick text to mom and glance on facebook confirmed that everyone was good, but Katrina lost a flag pole. 
  • I have walked well over the recommended 10,000 steps every day this week and I've been on my mat every single day. I have not been feeling all that kind about my body for a few months now. The idea of buying a new swimsuit (which I will need for our summer vacation this year) has me teary. It's just so depressing. I know this is ridiculous. There are women of all shapes and sizes on ModCloth right now sporting a swimsuit and looking fabulous. My body is no different. Except I can't see that. I look down and see lumpiness. Thursday, while sitting in gomukhasana, I saw my reflection in the window and did not recoil at the person staring back. 
  • My brother turns a year older on Sunday. I think he's pretty cool so I'm glad he's survived another year to celebrate. He helped influence the music I listen too and gave me a greater appreciation of the art of comic books. He reminds me that sometimes things are just best represented in black and white. He's also really smart.
  • Fruit
  • Chocolate covered fruit
  • Though the temperatures have been too brisk for scooter riding, the sun has been out most of this week. We got some much needed rain two days this week, but it's been glorious sun all the other days. 
  • Josephine's newly acquired skill of using the dog door has done wonders for my morning routine. She hops inside and outside and inside and outside and inside and outside all by her little self. We have been accident free for more than a week. I will not count this morning in which she threw up on the rug after swallowing all of her food whole. At least she helped me clean that accident up (gross).
  • You guys. 'Cause all of you are super amazing.

 I think that's a pretty good list of things to be grateful for this week. Hope you have a great weekend and an even better Thankful Friday!