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Cindy Maddera

I'm feeling slightly scattered. Last night I had weirdo crazy Hunter S. Thompson  type dreams. There was a real honest to God two-headed man and a woman who cried rubber duckies. Like, instead of salt water tears, tiny rubber duckies dripped from her eyes. I don't remember much more than that, other than it just seemed to be one oddity after another. I even woke up around two in the morning, only to fall asleep to more LSD like visions. I woke up confused and had a difficult time choosing what I was going to wear today. I'm not sure that last night's sleep had anything to do with not knowing what to wear, but it seems like a decent enough excuse. Today I am the Hamburgler of words, dropping the "robble robble" for "ramble ramble". 

A few weeks ago, I did an in-home try on of eyeglass frames from Warby Parker. I didn't tell anyone or take pictures of the different frames because I knew which pair I was going with the moment I put them on. It was just that simple. As it turns out, eyeglass frame shopping in a store, for me, is like shopping at Walmart. I am overwhelmed by the amount of selection. I spent hours picking out my last pair of glasses and ended up not really being in love with the frames at the end of it all. I had just reached my limit and said "that'll do pig." For those of you new to Warby Parker, this is how it works: You pick five different frames on their website and they send them to you free of charge to try on. They include everything to ship them back, again free of charge. Five frames. You can pick them or they can pick them for you. You don't even have to really pick five! I picked five. The first one on my list was the one I was really hoping for because I thought they were super cute. They were just 'meh' on my face though. The third one on my list turned out to be the no brainer these are the frames for you Cindy. 

Oh, you might also take notice of my bottom lip in that picture. I am not wearing lipstick because for once in my life my lips are not scabbed over and blood crusted from my constant picking. Last week, my lip split all by itself. No really. I had nothing to do with it that time, but I'm sure I didn't help matters. My lips had scabbed over one too many times and that plus they were so dang dry. That night I went and bought three things of Carmex. I've stashed one at my desk, one in my coat pocket and one on my nightstand and every time I think about picking at my lips, I coat them with Carmex instead. It's working. For now. 

I took my Nikon to Oklahoma with me over the weekend, but never took it out of the bag until Sunday. I had a few minutes to kill before meeting Margaret and Philip for brunch. I pulled on my bunny cap and trudged my way through the slush and ice to take a few pictures. I didn't take many before it was time for me to go inside, but I liked the ones I did take. At least I was happy with how they turned out. I am struggling these days to make time for this camera. It's easy for me to say that I took it with me to Oklahoma because I take it with me every where. It is always in my bag. I just have gotten into a terrible lazy habit of not taking it out of my bag. I spent five minutes on Sunday. Just a measly five minutes. I walked away with six shots and three of those ended up being my favorite. Five minutes a day. I'm an idiot. No...I'm just lazy. It's just gotten easier to sit here and look out the window at all the dead winter yuck and say it's not worth getting the camera out. That's just plain wrong. 

I think that's the last of the ramble. I need to order seeds. I think that's it. Sometimes I think that when I'm scattered, it's good to just tell you all of the things I'm scattered with. It's like reorganizing the closet. Mine is sorted by color (because I'm crazy), but sometimes some garment or other gets put back in the wrong spot. Every now and then I have to go in and take that blue shirt out of the gray section and move it back to the blue section. Maybe that's what I'm doing here. Rearranging things in my brain so there's more room for a more focused thought. Defragmenting my hard drive. I'll let you know if it actually works.