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Cindy Maddera

Michael has become a man obsessed with building. Weeks back he declared that he needed a good work bench in the basement, a space to work on while he built a chicken coop. He did some online research, bought a couple of doors and some wood from the ReStore, and got to work. He built himself a real nice work bench with shelves and a light. I was super impressed. I mean it is STURDY and SOLID and he built it all by himself with out any previous building stuff knowledge. After the work bench, he started talking about chicken coop plans. One day he had a clear idea in his head exactly how he planned to build the coop and the next day he'd be second guessing that plan and start all over. Finally, he declared that he needed a book. So we went to the bookstore. Unfortunately he didn't find a book about building plans for chicken coops, but he did end up buying a book about chickens, which he has been reading diligently. 

I have said for years that I've wanted chickens. I even put it on my Life List (#22). Even though this is something I want, I've done very little research on the subject of chickens. I know that Rhode Island Reds are friendly and good egg layers and that's probably the kind we'll be getting. I know that I will name them Madeline, Marguerite, and Marianne (my chickens are French or at least speak in a French accent). I know that I will love them and squeeze them, but I have not bothered myself with  the details of housing, feeding, and general care of said chickens. Maybe I believed that all chicken knowledge would just magically be implanted into my brain once I was holding one of my very own chickens. Isn't that what experienced mothers tell first time moms? Babies. Chickens. Same thing right? 

I haven't planned beyond just getting chickens because deep down, I never really believed that I would ever actually have chickens of my very own in my back yard. It was just a dream like a lot of things on my Life List (I need to refurbish that list). It was like a beautiful piece of made up in my head fiction. I would be out working in the garden with Madeline, Marguerite and Marianne pecking and gently clucking around me. Occasionally one or all three would snuggle up at my sides and I would take a break from my work to bask in the sun and the warmth of their feathers. The garden would be lush and beautiful with vegetables and we'd eat everything we grew. In a quiche made with eggs from our beautiful three hens. La-de-fucking-da. It was like believing in a fairy tale while knowing that fairy tales don't come true. Except sometimes they do. 

I'm already cringing over the words I'm going to type next. Michael is the one making that fairy tale piece of fiction in my head come true. The queso is about to get real thick, but seriously, Michael has dived head first into the chicken project. He's taken the time to learn all the little details and to read the books. He's putting the effort and thought into building the chicken coop. HE'S BUILDING A CHICKEN COOP.  And he's done it all with enthusiasm. He's excited about building the coop and excited about getting the chickens. His excitement is contagious and I love him for it. 

Happy Love Thursday.