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The other night, I stepped outside to walk to the car after yoga class and I noticed that the air smelled almost sweet. It was the same smell that follows a gentle Spring or early Summer rain. I popped my head up to look out through the parking garage and that's when I saw that it was indeed raining. Later on in the evening that rain would turn into teeny tiny snow flakes and leave everything outside looking like it had been dusted with flour. But in that small moment, still hazy from final relaxation, I could almost believe that it was Spring and that if I looked out I would see tulips and daffodils. I know that it was just a tease. Today there is no doubt that it is winter. Little snow flakes decorate my weather widget for the next couple of days. Yes, I was being teased by mother nature, but I was also once again being reminded that Winter's days are numbered. I'm thankful for that reminder. February has passed like the blink of an eye and we are heading into March roaring like a lion. We've all made it this far. I think we'll survive to see the tulips at the end of March. 

I am thankful for many things on this last Friday of February besides the promise of Spring. Today, maybe even as you're reading this, I am traveling to Oklahoma to celebrate the union of Misti and Mark (or Mark and Misti, M&M). I am thankful that Misti has found a partner who makes her life happy. It is unfortunate that Michael and the Cabbage aren't able to go. We just couldn't get the scheduling worked out, but I will not be traveling to Oklahoma alone! I nudged Talaura into flying to KCMO and riding to Oklahoma with me. She and her little dog (with a big heart) Sarge will be keeping me company as I drive us through the great Flint Hills of Kansas. The last time Talaura flew to KCMO and drove with me to Oklahoma it was for Chris's celebration of life service. Not really the best trip. Sort of sad and funny at the same time because we do have a good sense of humor. But it's nice to be making this trip for much happier reasons. I'm thankful to have Talaura and Sarge's company for the drive down. We chat just about every day, but it's not the same as seeing her face and being able to hug her neck. 

Lots of things happening this weekend. Apparently we're traveling into some weather, but I haven't really paid much attention to that. I'm thankful that I learned to drive on icy roads and now have experience in snowy conditions. I do not for see any travel problems. I have good company for the ride down. This is all that really matters. I am thankful for a weekend where we all can gather to celebrate love. Really celebrate. I know, as we grow older, we are more likely to gather to celebrate a life of a loved one lost. That's just the way of things. So these moments where we can all come together for no other reason but to share in the joy of the legally binding of two households are moments to squeeze and hold tight. 

I am thankful that Josephine was not a jerk to Sarge. I am thankful that I successfully completed my latest assignment for Python class without any outside help (I'm learning to write code! Not to be confused with write in code. Running computers kind of code.). I am thankful for you. 

Here's to a weekend of great joy and a super duper Thankful Friday!