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Cindy Maddera

I am procrastinating. Michael is diligently working on his work bench that he's building in the basement. It's almost done. He got the top shelf on today and I think he's installing a light right now. It's a legit work table. I'm impressed especially because he used a lot of re-claimed wood to build it and it is sturdy. Any way, today I've washed sheets and watched the latest episode of Downton Abbey (poor, poor Isis). I cleared the cars from snow and shoveled the end of the drive. I put the sheets back on the bed (which is no easy feet with the new bed frame) and I've taken a luxuriantly long shower where I slavered a new body butter all over myself at the end of it. I smell like lavender and rosemary. 

Michael had asked me earlier this morning what I had planned for the day and I said that I should do some writing. Not at this space writing. But it seems that I have not been able to motivate myself to do any of that. This space is my last hold out of procrastination. Well, not really because Josephine wanted up here with me and is nipping at my fingers as I type. It's hard to type and play tug-of-war at the same time. So you can see, procrastination comes pretty easily around here today.

I've been thinking about Lent. It's just around the corner. I'm all ready for Fat Tuesday. The fixings for jambalaya are in the fridge right this minute. I'm ready for the gluttony part of of all of this, but I haven't really considered the forty days of sacrifice. Last year I didn't give up anything, but committed to adding something good to my life. I vowed to get on my yoga mat and I did that and it was great. Misti posted a link to a 40 bags in 40 days project to declutter your house. I'm seriously considering this because getting rid of things is part of this year's plan. I'm not religious, so the idea of sacrificing something is not all that important to me. I do like the challenge of something consistent for forty days. It's how you form habits and I see the time of Lent as a great opportunity to instill some good habits. This year I was thinking about 100 words a day. Except now that I can see that number, it doesn't seem like a whole lot of words. How about 400 words a day? That sounds a little bit better, except I know that I should strive for 1000 words a day. 

For now, though I'll stick to 400 words a day and a bag of garbage/toss-out a week. How about you guys? Anyone giving up or adding something to their lives for Lent?