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Cindy Maddera

I wanted to punch Tuesday in the face. I'm not going to sugar coat or pretend like I didn't get ragey. I got ragey. It started with getting my windshield replaced. A rock hit my windshield back in December. I've been watching a crack slowly creep it's way from one side of the windshield to the other, right at eye level. Every time I'd get in my car for the last two months, I've had a nice little knot settle in the pit of my stomach and I could swear that I could hear the glass cracking. Finally tax money came in and I scheduled the glass repair company to come to my workplace to replace the windshield. I received a call just a few minutes before that scheduled time from the glass place asking me if I could bring my car into the shop. Like right now. So I drove twenty minutes, waited for about forty five minutes for them to replace the windshield, argued over the price because they had tried to charge me the fee for coming to me, and drove twenty minutes back to work.

Once back at my desk, I was greeted with an email from the realty company that I was going through to rent a condo for our vacation in June. The realtor, Kylee, said that the unit I had already put a down payment on was no longer available, but they had this other unit for $66.60 more. The more I thought about this, the angrier I got. I could take that other unit and pay a little bit more. I mean $66.60 isn't a huge price jump, but now I was distrustful of this company. I could clearly see an email coming to me next month saying "hey...that unit you booked for $66.60 more than the unit you first booked is no longer available. But here's another unit for $200 more!" So I immediately went into must-fix-vacation mode and started looking into other options. I made some inquiries and I'm still waiting to hear back, but by golly! I am not paying more money for that condo! 

Then things at work got irritating and I spent an hour waiting for tech support to call me back, which they never did. And because I'd left work in the middle of the day to get my windshield replaced, I had to stay a little later at work. I sat at my desk and stewed in silence. Tuesday had just made me the angriest of angries. Finally, I made my way home. I walked in the front door and Michael and Josephine where on the couch. Josephine's head popped up and Michael looked at her and asked "who's that, Josephine?". Her little nub of a tail started wagging and my heart lifted a little. I told Michael about all the things of the day with Josephine tucked under my arm. Then I kissed Michael and we made jambalaya and spent the evening on the couch with the dog. At one point I looked at Michael, Josephine chewing on her stuffed turtle between us, and I said "this makes everything better." And it did. 

I am not a person that comes home raging about the little inconveniences of my day. When I do, it's nice to come home to someone who can listen with empathy. And when I apologized for being gripey, Michael said "It's OK. Not every day can be rainbows and lollipops." Playing a round of fetch with Josephine didn't hurt either. No. Not every day can be rainbows and lollipops, but it certainly can end with rainbows and lollipops. The next morning I got in my car and looked clearly through the front windshield without a knot in my gut. I also had plan for how to fix our vacation and have emailed Kylee to request a refund on my deposit. I erased Tuesday with a better Wednesday. 

Happy Love Thursday. May this day be better than yesterday and yesterday better than the day before.