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Cindy Maddera

2015 was not a bad year for us. We added six living creatures to our family and all six are still alive and thriving. We are all amazed. Albus came sauntering in the other morning and then immediately attacked Josephine. This led to an honest to goodness real life version of a cartoon skit where Josephine chased the cat. Or tried to because Josephine could not gain traction on the hardwood floor and spent some time running in place. We have real life episodes of Tom and Jerry, The Bugs Bunny Show, and the Coyote and the Road Runner playing in a loop constantly in this house. It's the Josephine and Albus Show!

Michael built a work bench, a chicken coop and some dang sturdy shelves in the basement (I actually have more about those shelves, but this post is about the past; not the future). We got chickens! We ate eggs from those chickens! We also ate a lot of squash and tomatoes from our very own back yard. We took an epic road trip and the Cabbage got her first taste of the ocean. No really. She got hit in the face so many times with waves, I'm sure she ended up drinking at least a gallon of sea water. We had a great day on the beach with Tiffany, Tom and Allison. We drove through seven states and spent way too little time with Chad and Jess. Then in July, I took an impulse trip to New York. Talaura and I hung out at BlogHer and then she took me to a whole bunch of new places. In August, I travelled to Oregon for a conference and some much needed time with Todd, Yuko and the boys. 

Michael won me a new bicycle while playing bingo. The Cabbage turned five. Michael turned forty. We replaced the old yucky fridge with a new shiny refrigerator and we have had serious talks about staying put in this house. The year was so good, we're both willing to make this tiny house work for us. I hope your year has been just as lovely. I hope that you can look back on 2015 and see the good things. And with that, here's our year in pictures.