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I've been thinking of charities. 'Tis the season right? December is usually the month where people make their biggest donations. I will admit that I haven't committed to anything yet this month mostly because my own wallet is a bit on the thin side. I still set aside $10 a month for Donors Choose and I push for donations in early Spring for the AIDS Walk. As of tomorrow, it will be forty days until I turn forty. I had an idea of commemorating this with a list of forty charities that I'd like to see people donate to. Then some common sense kicked and I realized that forty charities is a lot of charities. I don't have a very large audience and that would be spreading out money pretty thinly. 

Last week I helped get a Donors Choose project fully funded. When I got the email stating that the project got completely funded, I wanted jump and shout. It had nothing to do with the project itself. I didn't know the teacher. I didn't have a personal connection to any of the students. The joy came from being part of something that succeeded. It's exhilarating really. It is in these moments when I think "YES! We are making a difference! We are awesome! The world doesn't totally suck!" Because you know what? The world doesn't totally suck. The yucky bullshit we see on TV is just a small fraction of humanity. Sure I'd like to do more, give more, but I feel pretty good about giving what I can to causes that are important to me. I am thankful that I can do this. I am thankful for those of you who do the same. So maybe instead of forty different charities, we can see forty new projects funded or forty dollars fins its way onto my AIDS Walk Fundraising page. Do it because the world doesn't totally suck.

I am thankful for the time I spent on my yoga mat this week. I am thankful that I finally got my nanobody staining protocol to work. Yes I know that means nothing to you, but it means good things here. I am thankful for tofu chili dogs. I am thankful advent calendars of tiny chocolates. I am thankful for the mouse Albus brought us. And I am always always always thankful for you.

Here's to a wonderful weekend and a truly Thankful Friday.

P.S. To make a donation to any of those things just click on the first mention of Donors Choose and AIDS Walk. They are linked to places where you can make a donation. Thank you!!!!