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Cindy Maddera

A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was on a walking tour in Paris. It was a tour of all the terrorist attack sites and it was gruesome and horrible. I remember seeing blood splatter on walls and sidewalks. I woke up with a fuzzy head and one eye glued shut with eye crusties. I was a little surprised  by my dream.  I've always wanted to go to Paris. I still do, but a tour of all the attack sites is not on my list of things to see while I am there. Also, though it was an awful and tragic event, I didn't feel affected by it. I sort of just added it my list of horrible events happening in the world which is becoming a HUGE fucking list. I don't have a personal connection with Paris and this distanced me from all of it. Or so I thought. Until I had this dream. The next day two people would open fire on a handicap facility in California. The world is full of gross. 

I was sitting there trying not to stew over all of this, not to get dragged under in the muck when Talaura sent me this link of fifteen things for when the world is shitty and terrifying . It made me feel a little bit better. It helped that I'd already done the first thing on that list a few weeks ago and that I always walk roaming shopping carts back to the corral. I realize that doing the things on the list are not the important part. The important part is remembering all the wonderful magical and amazing things that happen every day on this planet. Katrina and I were watching something on Animal Planet last week where a tiny field mouse killed a centipede. That mouse howled like a wolf when it was done, though his howl was very high pitched. It was awesome and hilarious and now every time I succeed at a task even if it's as simple as washing the dishes, I lift my chin and howl like that little mouse. We do our part to be mighty mice by being kind to each other. I am thankful that Talaura shared that article with me. I am thankful for the reminder that even though things suck, there's good. I am thankful for that tiny mouse reminding me that we all have the ability to be brave and strong. 

Speaking of kindness to others. Yesterday, I received a call from one of our neighbors. He said "I think I have your dog." and my heart seized in my chest. He did have my dog. Josephine has been practicing her Houdini skills. I rushed home and collected her from the neighbor and then she spent the day in her crate. I hate that, but I'm so thankful that neighbor was a good neighbor and called me and took care of Josephine until I could get there. I am so thankful that silly little dog didn't get into worse trouble out there. Today I am trying an experiment where I close the garage doggy door, the bedroom and bathroom doors and let her have access to the rest of the house. I may be cleaning up a mess when I get home, but at least I know she's safe. 

I am thankful for Christmas parties. I am thankful for warm boots and thigh high socks. I am thankful for leftover chili. I am thankful for the light that comes on when I open the fridge door. I am thankful for you.

Here's to a wonderful weekend and super Thankful Friday!