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Cindy Maddera

Lately Michael has been in the process of growing out his beard. Not too long ago, he discovered that he could twirl the ends of his mustache into a style not unlike a 1920s villain and it made us laugh and laugh. Today he's having it trimmed by a professional at a hipster beard shop. Something else that makes us laugh. I can't wait to see the results though. I got him beard balm and oil that came weeks ago. When I kiss him goodbye in the mornings, I smell cinnamon and leather and if I touch his beard while I kiss him, fingers will smell of cinnamon and leather. You know how your grandpa always smelled of some flavor of candy and aftershave? Pepaw was Old Spice and cigarettes. Michael is now cinnamon and leather. It's really quite sexy. 

Michael had a birthday yesterday. I'm going to say it even if he may not like it, but he turned 40. In the days leading up to his birthday, he has been a bit grumbly about turning forty. "I'm going to be forty" has been said in the same tone as one would say "I have to get a root canal" so many times, I've lost count. He's not as thrilled with growing older as I am. While he's grumbling, I'm standing next to him, shaking his arm and going on and on about how great it is to turn forty. Yesterday morning he jokingly said something about it being a miracle. I gave him a very serious look and said "Look back on the past 40 years and tell me it isn't." He couldn't disagree. I believe he said "act of God" which would indeed make it a miracle that he has survived this long. I am thankful for that miracle. I am thankful for the past forty years because they have shaped him into the man he is now. I'm pretty partial to the man he is now. 

It's not that I thought I would never meet someone who I'd want to give my heart to. It's just that I didn't expect to meet that kind of person. I am thankful for surprises such as this. I am thankful for the way he makes me smile. I am thankful for how he makes me feel dainty at times. I am thankful for his willingness to build the things I scheme up. I am thankful for the balance of chaos he adds to my life. I look forward to what the next forty and more years will bring for us. 

This has been good week. I've been on my yoga mat. I've met my steps goal. I am thankful for a self cleaning cat. I assume that's what happened, because one day he looked like he'd been rolled in mud and the next day he was clean. It's possible he has a sister wife. I don't even care. I am thankful for a puppy who lays next to my thigh while I type on my computer. I am thankful for you. 

Here's to a weekend full of birthday celebration and chicken coop clean out and a truly Thankful Friday!