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Cindy Maddera

There's a bit more pep in my step this morning even though all the snot of the world is either jammed in the sinus pocket of my right cheek or slowly leaking out my nose. I'm gorgeous. I hear the new thing to do in selfies is an open mouth fish gaping thing. It's replacing the duck face. I'm going to be able to nail that new pose with all the mouth breathing I am having to do. The bad news is that Michael woke up making sounds similar to that of a wild boar. He's sick now. To top it off, it's a Cabbage weekend. Two adults in the middle of colds/flu vs one five year old. They make really bad movies with this plot line for Nickelodeon. I'm at the point where I don't really care. She can run with the scissors if she wants. 

All of that sounds very negative and grumbly and I am well aware of the that. Here's the thing though. There was a time when I wasn't aware of my negativity and grumbly moments. I would write whole entries that never included a silver lining. I couldn't even see a silver lining in those days. Have you ever seen Pollyanna? Back in the day, I would have rolled my eyes at Pollyanna before shoving her into a puddle. Now people can refer to me as a Pollyanna and I don't see this as insulting in any way. I'm thankful that I'm feeling better. I'm thankful that Michael has come down with this thing on this weekend instead of next weekend, which is his birthday. I am thankful for those brief moments when my sinuses open up and I can breathe for a minute. 

So I will think of an activity that the Cabbage and I can do tomorrow to spend some time out of the house and give Michael some time to rest. Maybe we'll go to the park or go get our nails done or both. I am thankful that we do not have any obligations this weekend and that we can take it easy. I am thankful for the single egg we get daily now from one of the chickens. I am thankful that neither the dog or cat are bleeding from some wound. Josephine chewed up a red ink pen the other day. Red ink looks a lot like blood. Misti and Traci both celebrated birthdays this week and I'm super duper thankful they did. The more years they're around the better. I am of course always thankful for you.

Have a great weekend and a really Thankful Friday!