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Cindy Maddera

Yesterday morning, I stepped outside with my cup of coffee to do my morning loop before heading back to my desk. The crisp Fall air hit my face and I had a memory, or a vision really, of Robin zipping up her gray hoodie and stuffing her hands in her pockets as we walked out the door for daily walk. This was exactly the type of weather that would make Robin where a hoodie. Those were the days we meticulously scrutinized the weather reports. We loved the walk we would take outside that took us up to the Capitol Building and around, but we hated cold. More importantly, we hated cold mixed with wind. We'd check a couple of different weather reports and then look out the window at the flag pole at the entrance of the Veterans Hospital. If the American flag was waving at us, we walked inside. 

I hardly ever check the weather now. The other day, I rode my scooter to work with gray clouds looming overhead. As I walked across the parking garage, the security guard asked me if I thought it was going to clear up by the afternoon. I looked at the sky slightly surprised that it was so gray and said "you know? I have no idea what the weather is going to do today, but I rode any way." This is why I'm constantly getting caught in rain storms. Weather is less variable here mostly because the wind is not a factor. Oh that Oklahoma wind. In the summer, it is a hot hairdryer blowing in your face and in the winter it is a knife cutting into your bones. I don't know why I thought of Robin in her hoodie. It's probably because I miss those walks as much as I know that she does. I am grateful for those walks. They were more therapy sessions for each of us than exercise. We'd talk about all of the things. We'd laugh about all of the things. Sometimes we'd even cry about all of the things. Those walks forged our friendship, a friendship that I'm truly grateful for. 

The temperatures here have officially turned to Fall. It was forty nine degrees outside when I left the house this morning. Last night Michael said that the season for me being cold all the time is here. He said this as he was throwing a quilt over us on the couch. My days of joyful scooter rides, walks outside and bike rides are numbered. So I am thankful for these days right now where I can still do those things without cringing. This weekend may be the weekend I pull up things in the garden and clean out the beds for next spring. This may also be the weekend we buy some pumpkins. One thing for sure is that this will be a weekend to be outside, soaking in the sun. I am thankful for crystal blue skies, green tomatoes and collard green sprouts. I am thankful for cheesy mashed potatoes and broccolini. I am thankful for my little Josephine who just got her haircut. Now she looks just like a Monopoly piece. And of course, as always, I am thankful for you.

Here's to a weekend of apple cider and a truly Thankful Friday!