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I had started a whole entry about how the wire came out of my favorite bra and how amazing it is that I didn't poke my eye out while doing yoga. Then I got a free vacuum in the mail and my sad underwear didn't really seem like something I wanted to talk about any more. It did prompt me to take stock of the current state of my underthings and I did replace the bra with the missing wire. Just in case you were wondering.

Years ago, back when I attended my very first BlogHer event, I went to a sponsored party where they gave everyone there a free vacuum. I was totally amazed and surprised that this actually happened and when it showed up on our doorstep, I did a happy dance and wrote an obligatory review. It was a good vacuum and I used the heck out that vacuum, but eventually that vacuum stopped doing the thing that it is supposed to do. It kept getting clogged and I always had to clean it out in the middle of vacuuming my tiny house. I started keeping a wire hanger I had straightened in the closet with the vacuum. I'd vacuum half the house, take the whole vacuum apart with a screwdriver and everything, snake that hanger up and around to remove whatever small ball of clog, put the vacuum back together and then finish the vacuuming the house. It sounds so simple when I write it out like that, but I can assure you that there was lots of swearing and sweating and maybe some crying involved. So finally it was decided that we needed a new vacuum.

I wanted a Dyson. I really wanted a Dyson. I really could not afford a Dyson. Then I saw their small battery powered handheld and I thought maybe we could get a Dyson. I tested it out. It tackled glitter on carpet like a boss and I had almost convinced Michael that this was the one we should get. It is made for small spaces. No cords. He wanted more reviews and after looking around online we found out that the battery only lasts six minutes when you're using the vacuum at full capacity. So we went with our second choice which was the Shark Rocket. It's small, no weird twisted tubes for things to get clogged up in and it does a good job. OK. It's not cordless, but who cares. This is all basically what I told the Shark rep at the Shark booth at BlogHer this year. They had the new and improved Shark Rocket (I'd link to it, but I couldn't find it on their website) and after vacuuming the showroom floor with it, I had a serious case of buyer's remorse. I told the Shark guy that I was really disappointed that this version wasn't around when I bought my vacuum. I threw my card in their giant fish bowl and walked away.

Michael made it home from work before I did on Friday. He sent me a picture of a big shipping box followed with "what is this?" I had no idea. I hadn't ordered anything and I wasn't expecting anything. I told Michael to open it. He then sent me another picture of a vacuum cleaner along with "I am amazed by the shit you get for free." Dude. So am I. Shark sent us the new Shark Rocket. I totally wasn't expecting that. On Sunday, while I was just starting to dust the house, I asked Michael to open the new vacuum and get it all put together for me. He plugged it in and started vacuuming right away. He was actually a little sad when I told him he had to stop because I only vacuum after I dust. He had to wait until I finished dusting. This vacuum is even better than the previous Shark Rocket that we had purchased. It's still a small vacuum, meant for small spaces. It's light, handles like a dream and pulls up dirt under dirt. There's one short tube that connects the rollers to the compartment that holds captured dirt, so even if it does get clogged, it's really easy to unclog. It comes with two rollers, one for carpet and one for hardwood floors and the rollers are really easy to swap out. 

Honestly, I love this vacuum and not just because it's free. I swear. I wouldn't even blog about it if I didn't like it. You guys? My floors are so clean! Thanks Shark for my clean floors.