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I thought I'd have something written for this post by now, but I'm finding it hard to come up with anything. It kind feels like someone has poured bleach or hydrofluoric acid inside the empty spaces of my skull. I may also still be running a fever or having hot flashes followed with chills. I don't know. I do know that all of it is making it really hard to focus on a topic. Usually when I'm stumped for a Love Thursday post, I go into my Instagram feed and just look around. I noticed that it's that time of year where I sure do take a lot of pictures of trees and leaves.

I grew up thinking that the Fall you see on TV and in the movies was just some made up technicolor dream world that probably only happened in half the technicolor on the east cost somewhere. I had no idea that all I had to do to experience the real life thing was to move three hundred and something miles north. Now I live where every day of the Fall season looks like a set from a Lifetime Network Thanksgiving Day movie. So much so, that even Michael commented on it. Saturday, there was a Lexus in front of us and as the zoomed ahead of us up the neighborhood road, the car stirred up all the leaves that had fallen in the street. Michael asked if we were in some Lexus car commercial we weren't supposed to be in, like maybe they were making a commercial for their Thanksgiving sales event. That was the same morning that took me twice as long to drive to the grocery store because I kept stopping to take pictures of trees. And lion statues decorated to celebrate the Royals' heading to the World Series. Several neighborhood streets along Ward Parkway have different statutes marking the end of the street. Last Saturday morning, just about every one of them were dressed out in something Royals. 

There was a time when I was the only one in the car pointing out trees. I've noticed this year that Michael does it too. He'll point out the trees that look like they are on fire faster than I do. I know that I had something to do with that. I know that before I came around, he didn't really pay much attention or didn't really care all that much about the changing leaves. But after two Fall seasons of listening to me go on and on about the leaves, he sees it. He gets it. 

Happy Love Thursday