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Cindy Maddera

Our dog is a genius. Well...maybe genius isn't the right word. More like OCD. I started out with doing a terrible job at crate training during the night. The idea was that she'd go to bed when I go to bed. The first night, she sort of zonked out in my lap and so I was able to easily scoop her up and into the crate. She fell right back to sleep. No problem. Then she woke up around midnight whimpering. I took her out to go potty and when we came back in, I put her back in her crate. Where she cried. And cried. And cried. I know the rules of this game is to let her cry it out, but this was her first night without any litter mates or other dogs. She was alone in her crate and I just kept thinking about that scene in Big where Tom Hanks has to sleep in that scary motel all by himself. I broke. Josephine ended up in my bed that night and the next night. 

So there were two nights where I woke up with a dog sleeping across my neck or I was being chewed on. The third night of this routine was the same night that a cough had decided to add itself to this lingering flu funk. I got up and took her out around midnight and then brought her back to bed with me. Except Josephine was all "PLAY TIME!" and with me cough cough coughing, I said "No thank you." I put her back in her crate. She whined for a minute and then I didn't hear a peep out of her. Wednesday night, Josephine was running around the house while Michael and I got things like our lunches together for the next day. I went into the bedroom to find her and tell her that it was time for bed, but I didn't see her. Then I looked and she was already in her crate laying on her bed. She put herself to bed. That's not even the best part. She stayed in bed all night. No midnight potty run or nothing. 

We're still working on the whole potty training thing. The few times she's had an accident in the house have been times that we were not really paying attention. The other morning I was washing dishes when I heard her whining. I ignored it because she'd just been outside and had done all of the things not twenty minutes earlier. When I finally went to check on her, she'd pooped on the floor. My bad. I did not scold her, but I scolded myself for not listening. I am thankful that she is picking up the routine so quickly. I think she may be a smart little cookie. A smart bitey little cookie. I am thankful that she hasn't introduced as much chaos as I had thought a new puppy would. I am thankful for her warm soft cuddles and her puppy breath and I'm thankful for the playfulness she's brought to this house. She will attack a leaf like nobodies business.

I am thankful for the day this week that was 70 degrees even though I was still to yucky to ride my scooter. I am thankful that I am (slowly) recovering. I am thankful for chili cheese perogies. I am thankful for that night this week when I realized I needed cough drops and Michael had already put his pj pants on, but he volunteered to go get me some any way. And of course, as always, I am truly thankful for all of you. Here's to a super (bowl) weekend and a fantastic Thankful Friday!