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I got to looking back through my archives and realized that the last Love Thursday entry I did was December 11, 2014. Almost exactly a month ago. I thought it had been a while since I had typed out "LOVE THURSDAY" in a title bar and glancing through those December entries I can see that I was in no mood or state of mine to pull some cheery lovey dovey post out of my brain (ass). Between December 11th and now there have been a lot of sad posts and some really boring posts. I've lost four pounds. I've been on my mat and off my mat and back on my mat. It has been sixty degrees outside. It has been ten degrees outside. Currently it is eight degrees and everything is covered in a dusting of snow that fell days ago, but it's been too cold for any of it to melt. I traveled the whole state of Oklahoma on a solo Christmas tour. I've cleaned out my closet and a whole filing drawer. I've looked at puppies (one of which will be coming home with us at the end of this month). I have walked 128,576 steps. I have also watched all of American Horror Story's Coven and Season seven of Sons of Anarchy.  

To be honest, I'm not so sure I am yet in the right mindset to write a Love Thursday. I was thinking this as I sat down to write, even though I've also spent a lot of time in the last few weeks inside my own head. This is the first full week of the New Year. The first full week of getting back into routines with normal bedtimes, usual work hours and scheduled gym time. It had crossed my mind to drop Love Thursdays from the usual routine, but I have come to realize that these entries are part of that routine. It's like sitting down with a cup a coffee on a Sunday to watch CBS Sunday morning. There are so many times I sit down to write an entry for Thursday and I have nothing, but something always comes to me while I'm typing things out. 

It all comes down to intention. Why do I write these entries? Why do I write? Do I just write this entry now out of habit? I've decided that the answer to that last one is "no". Each Love Thursday entry is planting the seed for good things to grow. When I feel I have nothing for these posts, I am forced to find something. I am forced to dig deep and see the good things that are not only in my life, but surround my life. And it inspires me to find more. So here is to a New Year of good, a New Year of love, and a New Year of Love Thursdays. 

Happy Day!