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Cindy Maddera

Last night, in my dreams, I was trying to make it out to the beach to do yoga. I could see the beach and ocean, but as I hiked with my mat on my shoulder, I just kept getting further and further away. I topped a hill and thought for sure when I got to the top, I'd see the beach and ocean clearly again, but the only thing on the other side of that hill was a partially dried up pond. I turned around and walked back to the conference center. That's right. I was also at a conference. I was at BlogHer with Michael and Jen Tucker. We were sitting in an auditorium and there was this beautiful young woman sitting in front of us. She was wearing a uniform of sorts and I recognized her from somewhere. Suddenly it dawned on me who she was. She was the only American to win a gold medal in the latest Winter Olympics. In my dream, the US Olympic team had done poorly, medalling, but only one gold medal. This woman was not only the only one on the team to win a gold medal, but she was the first African American woman to win a gold medal in moguls. 

I boldly tapped that young woman on the shoulder. When she turned around I asked "Aren't you the only one to win a gold medal in this last olympics?" She grinned and nodded and then she hugged me. As we hugged, I told her how proud I was to meet her. She told me her story and about how it felt to win the gold and tears welled in my eyes. It was the highlight of the conference for me. As Jen, Michael and I stood to exit the auditorium, I just kept going on and on about how amazing it was that we got to meet her. Then Jen started to leave her purse. I snatched it up out of the seat to hand to her and I noticed how nice it was. I told her how much I liked it and that it was odd seeing her cary a purse around. She agreed. Then I told our little group that we needed a plan. I was adamant that I needed a shower, but then there was a debate about grocery shopping. It was finally decided that we'd just eat conference food. 

I went up to the room and showered, but I didn't really have time to get ready so I just put on a bathrobe to wear back down to the conference. The robe had "50th Anniversary of Reagan" embroidered on the front and I had a stack of business cards in the pocket to hand out. Except I didn't remember making cards, so when I stuck my hand in the pocket I was surprised to find them there. I pulled one out and was extremely impressed with the quality. The pictures I'd chosen for the front and back of the card were really good. As I walked down some grand stairs in my bathrobe, another woman noticed the embroidery and laughed. I handed her a card as she said that was going to go back to her room to get her bathrobe as well. Then I woke up. 

Most unlikely thing to ever happen that happened in that dream was the part about Jen carrying a purse. A fancy one at that. I'd love to meet the first African American woman to win a gold for moguls. Actually, I'd love to meet the first African American woman to win a gold