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Cindy Maddera

I know I should be writing and telling you things, but the malaise of hot summer just finally arrived here in KCMO. Michael woke up with a sinus headache and drippy nose on Sunday and I woke up Monday morning with the beginnings of a sore throat. I suspect the Cabbage may have something to do with this or the water park. I always came home from the public pool with some sort of ear/sinus/stomach funk when I was a kid. But I did put clips in the Cabbage's hair, clips that she had clipped to her snotty kleenex while I was brushing her hair. When the Cabbage dropped her sucker outside of Trader Joe's, Michael was the one to pick it up and swish it off in his mouth before handing it back to her. Public pool, snot clips, side walk sucker? Most likely all of the above. I spent yesterday on the couch waiting for my face to just give up and turn inside out. Today it looks like I'm just going to stare off at the computer screen and cough a lot. 

Things are at a standstill around here. The construction on the bathroom still has not started. They did tell me it would be 8-10 weeks before they could start. I just assumed that was something they told everyone, but didn't really mean it. They meant it. I told Michael the other night that he needed to tell me that we'd have a new bathroom by Thanksgiving. He told me that the first thing I should do is take a bath in the the tub. We've already talked about me and baths and cleaning the tub, showering and rinsing the tub again before I can settle in a tub of water. Look, I worked with Legionella for a few years. I still get creeped out when the misters come on in the vegetable isle at the grocery store. I know too much. Any way...we are still waiting for the new bathroom, holding our breaths for a week of inconvenience.

We've also done zip all nothing about sorting out the basement. In fact, I've added three boxes of things from Mom's house to the bazillion other boxes of useless crap. Every time I head in that direction with the intention of making some head way down there, I walk through one cobweb and that's it. I'm done. Really I just don't know where to start. There's too many boxes, too many spiders. Of course it seems like that now because I'm sick. Just the physical act of typing the last two sentences has exhausted me. 

Some day. It's starting to be my new motto. Some day we will have a new bathroom. Some day I'll deal with the basement. Really if that's it on my list of some days, it's not all that bad and I can wait for some day. Until then, I'm going to go blow my nose for the one thousandth time today.