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Cindy Maddera

Saturday morning, I went to brunch with Randy and Katrina at Kilkenny's. We had completely forgotten about the Cherry Street Farmers' Market that sets up in that area every summer Saturday. They close off a block of that street for the market, basically right in front of Kilkenny's. We got to the road closed signs and said "The Farmers Market!!!!" all at the same time. I refrained from buying any thing except for the most ridiculous, yet super comfortable pants ( I mean they are really silly looking pants), but I wanted to buy all of the vegetables. 

I've been to the Farmers Market here one time this season and that was early in the growing season when everyone was selling all of the things I was already growing.  Seeing the booths on Saturday filled with tomatoes and corn and squash made me hungry for fresh corn polenta and roasted veggies. I could already smell the tomatoes, garlic, and rosemary slowly roasting, filling the house with delicious goodness. I vowed that I would make it to the market this weekend. I am thankful for the reminder that it's time to fill my freezer with bags of roasted tomatoes and fresh corn. 

This is has been a week for a return to some sort of a routine, at least as far as the regular day to day goes. Work, yoga, treadmill, good food. All of these things play a part in healing. It gives me a sense of normalcy that is greatly appreciated. The Farmers Market is also part of that because it's something I used to do regularly. I am particularly grateful for these grounding acts this week. Speaking of grounding things. A couple of you have asked about my yoga sleeping trick. I promise to sit down next week and write it all up for you. I cannot promise it will work, but I can promise it will help. 

Here's to a beautiful aromatic weekend and a super Thankful Friday!