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Cindy Maddera

Sleep did not come so easy for me Friday night. I went to bed sometime around ten only to wake up around midnight. I laid in bed reading a Maisie Dobbs book until after two AM. I was awake by six thirty so I just got up and showered. I went to the Farmers' Market and then decided to go to a yoga class. I was almost an hour early to class when I parked my car across the street from the studio. I decided to go for a walk with my camera, something I haven't done in a really long time. I had forgotten the magic that the streets can hide on an early morning. 

The streets were virtually deserted with just the occasional jogger or dog walker passing by. It had stormed the previous evening and the streets were still damp.

Sometimes, the city seems foreign. In the quiet aloneness I can almost imagine I'm in a European village.

And occasionally there are hidden gems, only found if you are really looking.

Then I went to yoga where I bent myself into a yoga pose I've never done before. And I felt my body fill with joy.